• That's a wall of text. TLDR.
    Please provide a brief at the end so that lazy bums like me can enjoy your theory.

  • Faith glamoured her self as Crane and Nerissa to bring down the two most powerful/wealthiest people in Fabletown to avenge her only family and love, Prince Lawerence.

  • Faith could be alive still - I think that it would not be out of the realm of possibility. The first arc in the comics deals with murder and deception. Also, as you point out, there seems to be some evidence that suggests something is still fishy. However, my questions is - what does Bigby know? As the audience we are still left theorizing, while Bigby may now have all the answers.
    In the comics he figures things out quickly and is always thinking ahead. I enjoyed being Bigby as he went through the mystery - and still figuring out clues. Now I just want more....

    Man this game was great.....

    • hahahahaha I want to end every sentence I write about this game how you just ended your paragraph. I feel that bigby at the end simply knows two things that Faith is still alive, glamoured as Nerissa. AND that there is more stuff that he doesn't know, which will further him to stay on the case and understand the incentives that people had.

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