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Faith died before we ever even met Nerissa's character meaning that if theory 1 is true then Faith can act how ever she pleases while Glamoured as Nerissa because Bigby doesnt know the true Nerissa's character. Yes I noticed times where Nerissa had an inconsistent character, but given this inconsistency allows you to realize that there are two Nerissa's one being Faith and one being the actual Nerissa. While Nerissa is alone with Bigby like while in his office and at the end you notice Nerissa shows signs of strength and confidence like Faith showed in the beginning of the game. But while Bigby talked to Nerissa at the Pudding N' Pie (unexpected) she seems nervous and afraid, allowing you to question who Nerissa really is by the end of the game. The reason why Faith wanted to bring down the Crooked Man and Crane: the lack of money brought her husband to great depression, they were the only men in Fabletown that could have helped and her husband, Prince Lawerence, was the only man/ family that she had (because she had to run away and hide her self in fear of being forced to be married to her father).

Both Nerissa and Faith are alive , Faith being glamoured as Nerissa when doing the things Nerissa must do without showing weakness. Who's head was glamoured as Faiths for Bigby to find CRANE. This may seem a bit wild and far fetched but Crane and the Crooked man are the two wealthiest and most powerful men in Fabletown and they are what allowed Faith to face extreme poverty forcing her only family to commit suicide. Faith glamoured herself as Crane when taking those photos with Lilly allowing Snow White to entirely distance her self from Crane and feel no more responsibility and respect for him. You never see the stern Nerissa and Crane at the same time allowing Faith to be glamoured as both while the story progressed. Crane left huge clues for Bigby to find which can allow anyone to believe that he did this purposely. The picture of him and Lilly was found too easily, Cranes jacket with the mirror piece kept in still working condition, and all the glamour tubes left at his apartment. These tubes were left by Faith because they were Faith's, but she left them because she wanted to make it look like Crane was working with the illegal manufacturer of glamors so that the trail continues to lead Bigby to bring down the Crooked man. The reason why, "Crane", Faith pushed to leave town so bad was beacuse she knew that there was no more reason for his presence in Fabletown. Crane before glamoured as Lilly was still a crooked mayor and thats why the Crooked man still felt the importance to get "Crane" because he was afraid "Crane" would reveal the true Crooked man when or if a trial was ever conducted. That leaves one part unaccounted for, Lilly's death.

Lilly had to die for two reasons: 1) She was too big of a liability to Nerissa and Faith because she was the one that was in the picture with "Crane" meaning that she knew it was Faith glamoured. She had a major problem with substance abuse and felt a strong loyalty to both her clients and her boss. Lilly was a loose cannon ready to unveal all the secrets that would have made Nerissa and Faith guilty of all. We know Faith isn't afraid to get her hands dirty because she killed Crane and stood her ground against the Woodsman. Faith wasn't going to let her entire plan to avenge her husbands death and bring down the two most corrupt people in Fabletown all go to waste because of a substance addicted whore. 2) Faith knew the importance of keeping the case going and creating more casualties to keep Bigby and White on an eager search to find the killer while resenting their greatest opposer, the Crooked man all the more. But why did the Crooked man order the girls to their deaths and why did Georgie say he carried out these orders.

The girls showed the Crooked man the photo so he knew his puppet, Crane, would be kicked out of office. They showed the crooked man this photo as leverage to be released from their, the Crooked man and Georgies, captivity. Before the photo could get out he ordered their deaths. Georgie didnt kill either one they both randomly died, in his eyes. But he didnt want to seem weak and unprofessional so he told his boss that it was him that carried out his orders. Why did Fatih know that Georgie would act in this manner, because he is all about his image and looking tough given his tatoos and his harsh mistreatment of women. Georgie also didnt want to tell the Crooked man, his boss, that he didnt conduct these murders because he would be stating that there is a more powerful unknown group of individuals in Fabletown performing activities like the Crooked man.


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    Anyone feel the same?
  • I'd love your theory to be true. Both girls alive would be amazing, but then why Bigby had those flashbacks at the end ? And whose head was placed at the doorstep of Woodlands ?

  • That's a wall of text. TLDR.
    Please provide a brief at the end so that lazy bums like me can enjoy your theory.

  • tl'dr - faith and nerissa both are alive, they worked together to bring down the crooked man, faith often glamoured herself as nerissa throughout the story

  • Faith glamoured her self as Crane and Nerissa to bring down the two most powerful/wealthiest people in Fabletown to avenge her only family and love, Prince Lawerence.

  • Faith could be alive still - I think that it would not be out of the realm of possibility. The first arc in the comics deals with murder and deception. Also, as you point out, there seems to be some evidence that suggests something is still fishy. However, my questions is - what does Bigby know? As the audience we are still left theorizing, while Bigby may now have all the answers.
    In the comics he figures things out quickly and is always thinking ahead. I enjoyed being Bigby as he went through the mystery - and still figuring out clues. Now I just want more....

    Man this game was great.....

  • hahahahaha I want to end every sentence I write about this game how you just ended your paragraph. I feel that bigby at the end simply knows two things that Faith is still alive, glamoured as Nerissa. AND that there is more stuff that he doesn't know, which will further him to stay on the case and understand the incentives that people had.

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