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SBCG4AP Ep. 2: Math Kickers hard to play with german keyboard layout

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I just bought the season upgrade for SBCG4AP yesterday and found that Math Kickers in episode 2 is hard to play with a german keyboard since the keys for 'z' and 'y' are swapped compared to a US layout.

While I doubt this will be fixed for this episode, I thought it might be something you might want to consider for further titles - I guess it should be possible to figure out the actual keyboard layout from within windows and configure the game accordingly. Alternatively, one could try to avoid keys that are in different positions on different layouts - though I don't know how many layouts are out there and thus whether this is feasible - or, at least in the case of a german keyboard and those letters, make both keys work identically.

Any feedback on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

And, by the way, thanks for some very nice games to all the folks at Telltale!
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  • Yes, it is really uncomfortable to play that game on a german keyboard, and it would be really nice if it was cosidered for newer games not to use this key combination or to make those keys configurable in the settings.

    A quick workaround would be to istall an american keyboard layout, and switch layouts when neccessary, but I don't really like to do that.
  • Hey all, we generally try to avoid problems with European keyboards, but I guess that one slipped through the cracks. And when we do have WASD or something similar, we usually have an alternate mapping like the arrow keys. Anyway, sorry about that and I'll see to it that it doesn't happen again!
  • you can switch the keyboardlayout in windows.

    For German OS:
    You can activate the "Eingabegebietsschemaleiste" and add the englisch keyboard layout. Then you have to start the game press Alt+Enter to get it windowed and change the used layout for the game to englisch.
    Then you can use x and y to play because the game reads it as x and z.
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