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Choices your suprised the majority didn't make

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or vice versa, I made this for The Walking Dead, so why not The Wolf Among Us?

  • Not sending Collin to the farm-Most people sent him,

    • Huh? For iOS, 85% of the players didn't send him. Were the results that different for other platforms?

    • I'm on the other side of the argument, I don't understand why more people didn't send Colin to the farm.

      • You owe him (that was pre-amnesty, but still) and he's your friend! And you know he still manages to escape every time...

      • At first Collin annoyed the shit out of me; however, there was one point where Snow was once again bitching at Bigby where Collin actually defended him. I figured the enemy of my enemy is my friend and I decided to not let him get sent away. We're bros now.

        Maybe a lot of people refused to let them go just to oppose Kim Jong(insert asshole dictator name) Snow.

  • Throwing the Crooked Man down the Witching Well. Most people kept him alive, Although he was enslaving Fables, taking advantage of Fables with debts, not letting the prostitutes talk and ordered Georgie to kill Faith and Lily because they wanted to leave. I thought that throwing him down there was the right punishment.

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