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Where will it take place

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I hope nobody has made a post about this, but will the starting location be there house in West Wallaby Street. Where will they go from there, will there be a map like in the Strong Bad games, will there be a street scape with reoccuring NPCs like in Sam and Max, will there be both. Discuss
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  • The Wallace and Gromit shorts dont have recurring areas. only Wallace's house is a recurring area.
  • Yeah but that's mostly because they seem to start buisness they can work from home (bread making, pest control,window washing, leasing); but TellTale might have them doing more exstravegent lines of work. Oh and in the new EuroGamer screenshots there's a shopfront with Paneers Purveyers of Peculiar Produce (maybe a recurring character and enviroment). And you can see half a street sign to the left, could mean there is a street scape like Sam and Max.
  • In Wallace & Gromit you'll get the best of both worlds - a Street like in Sam & Max AND a map like in Strong Bad. :)

    The first episode primarily takes place at the house (which has several rooms you can explore) and in town. Subsequent episodes will have additional locations depending on the storyline. There's also a new cast of neighbors / recurring characters who will show up in the episodes -- not the same people you've seen in the films.
  • Thanks for clarifying, this is the first time on a game forum that an employee answered my question.

    But can I ask will the map have a clear layout or will you add locaton it like in Strong Bad.
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    langley Telltale Staff
    Only Strong Bad can rearrange locations on a map. Because, well, he's Strong Bad.
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