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  • It had it's ups and downs but all the twists were really good
    - Earth populated by cylons, something I expected (nice nod to the old Cylon models)
    - I always suspected Kara to be some sort of special hybrid, although things now got a whole lot weirder with her finding her dead body and all... unless everybody turns out to be cylons....hmmm...
    - From the moments Dee picked up the stuff on Earth and started acting weird, I thought she would be the big final cylon reveal. But then ofcourse she shot herself.
    - Although I didn't really liked the Ellen character, I like the reveal she is the final cylon and that the whole thing is just a twisted love story.[/SPOILER]
  • I hate to bump an old topic, but I have to talk about BSG.
    The last few episodes have been epic! I can't wait for next week's! Does anyone else feel my excitement?
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