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List five things about yourself

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Okay, again, see title for description.

1. I wear glasses.
2. I am double-jointed, but only in my hands.
3. I cannot snap my fingers, for some reason.
4. When I was two, I had to have surgery because I shoved a black crayon up my nose.
5. I'm left handed.
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  • 1. I still haven't won SSB:M after 3 years
    2. I also wear glasses
    3. I can find anything on the internet
    4. I'm modest
    5. I'm a cat person
  • 1. Umm...
    2. Err...
    3. Hmm...
    4. Erm...
    5. Uhh...

    Okay, seriously now.
    1. I have a website (obvious from my signature).
    2. Mould is my favourite word (obvious from my username).
    3. I'm english.
    4. I'm finding it hard to say 5 things about myself.
    5. Umm...I like Bleach.
  • 1:I've only just started to enjoy adventure games.
    2:I have a bad habit of pacing.
    3:My favorite color is orange.
    4:I love music, mostly alternative and ska.
    5:I don't drink normal milk, I only drink chocolate milk.
  • 1) I am deaf in my left ear
    2) I am an Olympic-class swimmer
    3) My hair is always dried out and naturally bleached
    4) I have a mustache
    5) my name is not Mark Spitz
  • 1. I like to draw pictures; I'm hopeing that I would make my own graphic novel someday.
    2. I like horror movies, but I have certain limits for some such as SAW
    3. I earned five 4.0s in college.
    4. I love Sonic the Hedgehog.
    5. I do birdwatching as a hobby.
  • 1)Artificial 3D makes me seasick (only the serious stuff, though, not the add-some-shadows-and-move-it-around kind of 3D). Give me a playstation 2 and about twenty minutes with Buffy(the Vampire Slayer) and you can peel me off the floor.
    2)As a wonderful addition to this fact, I am for some reason unable to throw up.
    3)Whenever I write, draw or create something, I will sign it with a name that is not my real one (because I hate my real one).
    4)I can't sing "Home On the Range" because my brain refuses to switch to a lower note on the refrain. (As in I'm able to switch my voice, but I can't imagine the note unless I hear it.)
    5)I find it hard to recognize or even tell apart voices and faces.
  • Is this going to spark a "Getting to Know You" subforum? Probably not, but anyway,
    1. I can't whistle
    2. I am physically unable to eat onions
    3. My favorite foods are gluten-free pizza and garlic lime chicken
    4. I'm impatient when it comes to receiving online orders
    5. My voice sounds really freaking weird when it's recorded
    Seriously, my voice is pretty deep, but whenever I hear a recording of myself, I sound like a 5-year-old. I hope I don't sound like that to other people...
    Breaking the rules, but 6: I'm really good at drawing
  • 1. I'm an aspiring director (and have been since I saw Star Wars at the age four), and also a professional actor. Anyone on the forums seen Tamburlaine at the Harman Center in DC?
    2. I'm home-schooled.
    3. I have lived in the same house for 9 years (much to my parents chagrin).
    4. I have despised windows since my first laptop (I had it when I was four). It just broke spontaneously. Also the fact that my dad has worked for different Linux corporation helped. And the fact that I'm a film-maker. And a third fact that I can't think up.
    5. I think I'm the only person who can say that Weird Al signed my puppet.
    But wait! There's more!
    6. I love anchovies on my pizza.
    7. I'm a pescetarian.
  • Eh, whatever. You can do any number as long as it is equal or less than 9.

    In that case, here's some extra stuff about me.

    6. I am 5"10'.
    7. When I was younger, I used to like to chew staples, for some reason. I almost choked on one and I had to force myself to regurgitate it out. Hence, I do not chew staples anymore.
    8. My first video game, I believe, was Disney's Magical Tetris Challenge for the Game Boy Color. Today, for some reason, about two thirds of my game collection are all licensed video games. Thankfully, I've changed that habit (mostly).
    9. Does anyone remember Chris Sligh from Season of American Idol? The guy who said in his audition he was "going to make David Hasselhoff cry"? Well, he's a singer at one of the other campuses of our church. I even got to meet him once.
  • I'm a fan of Chris Sligh! I guess number 8. is, I'm embarrassed I watch American Idol.
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