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Please Allow Vanishing UI

posted by TrollerCon on - Viewed by 746 users

Hello telltale people,

I enjoy taking good screenshots with no UI on the screen. I would like to ask for TFTB, as well as any new game from telltale, to have a user interface that vanishes completely if you leave the mouse alone for about five seconds. The art direction and "camera shots" in these games have been absolutely stunning in many areas. Back in The Walking Dead: Season One...I could get the entire UI to vanish and, thus, produce some pretty impressive screenshots.

In TWD: Season Two, a minimal UI is still present no matter what options I tinker with.

I love taking screenshots, but I'm resistant to taking them when there's UI clutter. So going forward with Borderlands, Game of Thrones, etc., please revert to the "Vanishing UI" that is present in TWD: Season One.

Thank you for your consideration. Keep up the great work!

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