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Installer bugs

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The installer will accept a different install location, but still installs the demo to the default location.
I choose an install location of 'C:\Games\Out from Boneville', the 'Out from Boneville'' folder was created at 'C:\Games\' but the demo was still installed to 'C:\Program Files\Out from Boneville'

The installer didn't add a shortcut for the Bones demo to the Start Menu, only a shortcut for the Bones demo uninstaller.

I'm using Windows XP Home Edition.
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    I'm having the exact some problem but on Windows XP Pro SP2.
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    Same problem here. I have the spanish version of Windows XP and I want to install the game in my D: drive, but ALWAYS it installs at C:\Programs Files\Out of Boneville, even If I choose a directory in C: like C:\Bonegame, for example...
    My C: Drive is almost full, I NEED to install the game at D: to play. Please help, I have bought the game and can't play it (and I can't retrieve the key, either) :(
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    Heatherlee Telltale Alumni
    Yeah, we are aware of this issue and are working to resolve it currently.

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    At last!!! I have downloaded the new version of the game and now I can install it in my D: drive, and it has retrieved the key perfectly!
    Now I can play the full game!!!! :D
    Thanks to Telltale for the fast solution.
    Graphic Adventures forever!!!! :)
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    Another point - DON'T try to play or start the 70MB 1.0 version while downloading the 50MB 1.1 version!!!

    This gave me the same 100% error I was receiving with the last downloader program when trying to resume.
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    If you get this problem, delete the folder 'DRDld' in your
    'Documents & Settings/Local Settings/<user name>/' directory.
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    The installer messed up AGAIN. I don't know what's wrong this time.


    Downloading the new 50MB version.

    Got to 35MB.

    Sent a single email with 100KB of attachments (2) with Outlook 2003. I guess this used all my bandwidth and sent a timeout to the Bone downloader program.

    See an NCIS or something error saything the download is corrupt, or virus, or anything could have gone wrong. Click okay, try the downloader program again, says 100% (SAME OLD ERROR!!) and then brings up the same error message.

    Click okay, tried to run the 35MB downloaded program manually before seeing it is 35MB, get the same error message.

    I deleted the 35MB program and tried the downloader again. It automatically overwrote the Boneville.exe file in temp/DRDld - starting again at 0%.


    The joys. I will now reconnect for my next 4 hour limited session of dialup and spend the entire time not doing ANYTHING but downloading the boneville.exe installer through the downloader program. I sent Fileplanet a notification to update their link, but they only are contactable for tech support and they sent me a weird reply asking for my error message etc.

    Please work these things out and fix with a patch, I can't keep downloading this whole file!!
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