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I'm trying to do something a bit complex in GIMP, and I can't figure out how to do it. I'm trying to convert a picture to straight black and straight white. I want to make outlines, like in a cartoon/comic, and I've found several different (and cunfoozing) methods, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  • haven't used gimp before but it should be the same in most imaging programs.

    1. convert to black and white
    2. put contrast at maximum
    3. play with brightness till the image looks how you want

    that should help

    an example
    of a changed image (i added colour after making it only black and white)


  • I have a question to, how do you make color transparent?
  • this is for (another freeware imaging program), it is a lot more user friendly than gimp

    on the colours window click on "more" then in the bottom right hand corner of said window there will be a slider called "transparency alpha"use it to decide how transparent you want the colour to be. then click fill (you can use a global fill to replace the entirety colour of that image if needed
  • splash1;111871 said:
    I have a question to, how do you make color transparent?
    Select the part you want to make transparent, go to Layer>Transparency>Add Alpha Channel and press Delete (not Backspace) on the keyboard.
  • I need some more, I have a text layer, I know how to move it and color it, but I can't de-select it, so I can get on with my images, how do I do it?
  • Click Layers in the Dialogs menu (or press Ctrl-L), then select the layer you want to work on from the list.
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