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Get the Full Throttle License.

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... If anybody can make a good point and click adventure (nowadays), it's you guys at TellTale games. Let's face it, Sam and Max was a much more popular franchise than Full Throttle ever was, and you guys managed to get the rights to that. In theory, it should be even easier to get the rights to Full Throttle.

I can already see it in my head. There could be driving games (with Ben's motorcycle) similar to the minigames in Sam and Max. Like say, dodging exposed land mines or "tire traps" left by the Cave Fish, or picking fights with other bikers for equipment like in FT1.

Another feature could be the use of different types of methods, like in FT1. A fist icon woudl imply the use of your hands. Either to pick up an object, or to physically threaten another character. Simplifying it further would be to put "intimidation" or "fightin' words" dialogue options in red, with the rest being in white.

As for plot.... well, I'll leave that to you guys. :) Though some suggestions: Give the audience some backstory on the world of Full Throttle. Was there a nuclear war? How far in the future is this? What's going on in the dense urban areas of the world while the Polecats (Ben's gang) are riding in the outback? Is Ben starting to age? Or is he as spry as ever? How are the polecats doing? Are members leaving for other gangs?

And so on and so forth. I just thought I'd throw that idea out there, if the staff actually read the "Yak" forum. If you want to appeal to the nostalgic gamers who love to point and click... just remember. Full Throttle appeals to almost the same audience as Sam and Max. And it may even attract more customers who are more interested in hard-edged characters than comedy.
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  • jp-30 wrote: »
    Dan Connors discusses the possibility of Telltale Games working with LucasArts on games using LucasArts' IP.

    Bad link.....
  • No, Mojo is just going crazy at the moment.
  • anyway, this is probably the most discussed problem on this forum.
    lucasarts won't sell or license their ip, so even if telltale would like to do a sequel to one of the old classics, it won't happen. sam&max was different, because it was property of steve purcell, not lucasarts. okay, i am done...problem solved.
  • Udvarnoky wrote: »
    No, Mojo is just going crazy at the moment.

    Unfortunately, that article was made 2 years ago. It's a shame to see greed stunt the creation of a great game. Even, though, Lucas Arts is notoriously known to be just as bad as Blizzard when it comes to their speed about anything.
  • Couldn't help but notice Lucasarts and Telltale are working together again. Could this be a good sign for future things to come?
  • Yes, it's a good sign. I think it'd be somewhat lame if Telltale did nothing but LucasArts sequels from now on, though. I'd actually prefer if after Tales of Monkey Island and Sam and Max Season 3, the next series is from some completely unrelated field.

    I think LucasArts should license Full Throttle out to Double Fine, so that Tim Schafer can include Ben Throttle as a character in Brutal Legend 2 :p
  • LuigiHann wrote: »
    I think LucasArts should license Full Throttle out to Double Fine, so that Tim Schafer can include Ben Throttle as a character in Brutal Legend 2 :p

    Now that would be fricken awesome.
  • I think if the LucasArts Remake of Monkey Island 1 is a success they will also make HD remakes of Day of the Tentacle and Full Throttle (exact same game but re-designed in HD 16x9) Both games stand up today as well as they did when i 1st played them.... except the graphics are dated

    I prefer what LucasArts are doing with keeping Monkey Island 1 Remake in 2D exact same game just revamped (new graphics) and voice over (3D just doesnt work) its tacky!
  • Udvarnoky wrote: »
    Full Throttle was the best-selling adventure game LucasArts ever put out at the time of its release, and I think in the long run it's second only to The Dig (which had Steven Spielberg's name slapped on the cover) as far as the amount of units sold.

    Um hi did u notice that there is little or no competition in the adventure game department. whatever company makes an adventuregame that year well it is allways "The Adventure Game of the Year" Because there are No other competitors.:D
  • Except I'm not talking about "Highest Selling Adventure Game of the Year." I'm saying that the statistics point to Full Throttle and The Dig pushing the most units of any adventure game that LEC ever put out.
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