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Why don't videlectrix release atari/snes cartridges,floppy discs for their games?

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Dangeresque roomisode could be in cool floppy disk with mini replicas of all the items you use in dangeresque roomisode.

They could also release trinkets for the games in atari such as a mini rhino and a small sample of edible rhino food that you feed the rhino. 50K could come with action figures of the racers.Etc

Stinkoman level 10 included and super king bros +homestar rpg could be released as a bundle game. With the $90 deluxe version have a special features cartridge and action figures.

Pigs on head could be released on the game watch.
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  • Opps i accidently double thread can one of the threads be locked.
  • Sounds like alot of cartradge work. Not that I know anything about it. Don't think it'd be worth it. Seems like making you pay for something free.
  • The atari has the biggest homebrew support so it looks possible.They could program some extra stuff to make it look like retail.
  • Still, I don't think the Brothers Chaps know much about that stuff.
  • Well, I'm pretty sure Paul Slocum knows(he was the guy working on the Homestar Runner RPG) but it would still be a lot of work, though not as much as some of things in the store, like say, the DVD's, and it would probably have to be sold in bundles to be cost-efficient. It could still possibly end up in the store, maybe even in the Videlectrix store, but it would definitely be one of the more abstract iTEMs. And it would only be making you pay for something free if there isn't bonus stuff. Though they wouldn't need bonus stuff if they actually made C.H.E.A.T., Trogdor: Let's Burninate Phonics, Rabbit Algebra, and all those unplayable Videlectrix games.
  • Yeah, I think they would have to be completely new Videlectrix games. Nothing as complicated as that RPG though.
  • In the Strong Bad Email video games, when the rhino gets mad and charges, Strong Bad moves out of the way, yet, in the real game, you cannot move out of the way because you somehow move to the center when you run out of chances. By just adding this feature that's missing from the game in a cartridge version would completely change game play and make it more desirable

    Or by adding a new character story mode in kid speedy in which you play new levels and no old ones.
  • Now, I know this is completely off topic and probably isn't possible, but:

    I don't know much about programming (aka nothing) but the good folks over at wiicade labs have released an API that can map the wii buttons into flash files for use in the Internet Channel. Would it be possible (I'm talking to you, smart people) to make a little flash file that remaps the keyboard input, then launches oh, I dunno, the Stinkoman flash file (straight off of H* so's not to arouse any legal issues), with wii controls right from the browser?

    I'm thinking no, but it would be awexome.

    Laugh at the n00b all you want, the only programming experience I have is with TCL and expect (pretty much writing a script) on a Redhat 9 machine.

    Its kinda like having a Videlectrix game on a console....
  • Hey, that'd be possable. You said someone made it possable. But would it be easy? I got no clue.
  • A stinkoman in snes level 10 included and increased gameplay with 64DD(The CD version N64) and PC special features hybrid disk would be interesting.
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