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Two questions I still have...

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One...Who put Lily's head on the steps of the Woodlands?

Two...Why did Bluebeard burn those items in Crane's apartment?

Any theories on these would be helpful.


  • That wasn't Lily's. It was "Faith's." And for who put it there, it was either Nerissa or Faith.

  • Good questions. Since "Nerissa" put the first head on Bigby's steps I'm inclined to think she did the same for the second head. The people who dumped Lily's body in the water are probably the Tweedles + Georgie, so I don't see why they would want to dump the body so it's hard to find, but then give the head up. If they wanted to send a message, it's pretty ineffective because the real Snow's still alive, and it only helped move the investigation along. Although I kind of wonder how both heads could've been snuck out by "Nerissa" since they were obviously deliberately dumping the bodies, didn't they wonder where the hell the heads went?

    As for Bluebeard, I agree that it's probably because Bluebeard has corrupt dealings with Crane that he wanted to destroy the evidence for. In my second playthrough Bigby went to the apartment first but didn't have too much time looking around before he bumped into Jack.

  • There's a lot of troll hate in this season. Just mark it up to Lily not being important to Nerissa. As far as Nerissa taking the heads and not being killed, is it possible that Georgie was on the scheme too? In episode two, he walks into the locker room with no push back from GP. He only calls CM in ep 3 because Crane was being arrested. Idk. Too many things don't add up.

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