whats taking so long

I do respect TellTale but this game has taken a bit long to make dont they usually make an episode and then release it each month. Walking dead was very quick to make.


  • I reckon we might be hearing something about a release date soon, actually, since TWD Ep 4 just came out. I'd think Telltale would release a TFTB episode before the season finale of TWD.

    Either that, or it'll just be after the finale.

  • Let's hope Telltale doesn't release this until a while after TWD finale has been released, because TWD is starting to be affected by Telltale working on several games at once.

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    Once the season begins, it only takes about two months per episode for the next episode to release, but that quick turn-around doesn't happen until then. Telltale always announces their seasons quite a while before they release. The Walking Dead: Season One was announced in February 2011 and the season began in April 2012. The Walking Dead: Season Two was announced in July 2012 and the season began in December 2013.

  • Didn't the last episode of S1 come out in Nov. 2012? So was S2 already confirmed before S1 was over?

  • Maybe so, but Tales seems to have, at least, the first episode nearing completion or close to going gold. Else they wouldn't of had much to show at E3. Not to mention they've said it's coming by the end of the summer.

  • That is correct. I believe it was even announced as early as Episode 2 of Season 1.

  • Oh I see. I only played TWD after all 5 episodes were already released so I wasn't sure.

    I got another question, not really related to this. Will GoT be following the TV show or is it a completely different story? I haven't watched the show but the game seems cool.

  • Ah I hope its a prequel like TWAU. Thanks man I was curious.

  • I'm not a Telltale staff member and Telltale has not openly commented much on the game so I don't know for sure.

    However, I do believe that they are basing the game off of the HBO TV show. It was also alluded that it will not be a prequel to the show. That's about the extent to which Telltale has openly announced.

  • Ah I see. I hopes its a prequel. Thanks anyway man, I was curious.

  • TWAU was heavily affected too.

  • They need to finish TWD first and then they'll release this and Game of Thrones.

  • They also said TWD would be finishing in the Summer.

  • Just be patient, we that play and love the walking dead have had to wait a lot.

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    What, a prequel to a TV-Show? Never, that would be horrible. Not only do I dislike prequels in general, one of the keystones of TT's games are decisions and their impacts (yeah, I know, I know, often they don't make an impact, but still). I already hate that TWAU is basically a prequel to the comics and so TT has less possibilities for the story. For example, they can't allow Bigby to have a romance with Snow because of the Comics.

    So the game being a prequel to an ongoing TV Show would be horrible. I wouldn't mind too much if it plays in the same setting, but not with the same character and same storyline.

  • I would have thought the finale for The Walking Dead would come out before TFTB to get it out the way, so they can focus on TFTB then. The last episode should be out late August/early September since the final episode for The Walking Dead comes out about a month earlier than usual, since the last season did

  • Meh. Wake me up when the season of this game is over and i might give it a look. I wasn't even really into the console game that much. I played borderlands 1 but never finished it.

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    Borderlands 1 doesn't count, that game felt like a tech demo more than anything - unless you decide to buy one of the dlc available for it.

    This is why Borderlands 2 exceeded the first in many various ways. (if you decide to get interested in that one, that is)

  • If XBL ever releases it on free with gold ill check it out.

  • Telltale can take as long as they need in my opinion. They need to get the script done and finished. No more rewrites which cause delays or leave odd loose ends from episode to episode.

    I'm not to familiar with Borderlands or Game of thrones personally, so I'm interested to see how these turn out.

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