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Gifted season 2, ruined a computer, and christmas.

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For my sister's cristmas present i sent her a copy of s&m season 2, what a great gift,... Thank you telltale and especially SECUROM for making her christmas memorable. Now she has frequent problems with her computer, and it won't even let her play the game(double bonus) . And what a thoughtful person i am, my presents are always the best, they leave lasting impressions, much like securom's effect on her computer. All i can say is if season three or any more of the games here have this helpful little gadget hidden within the program, i won't be buying it. Maybe i'll gift it to Joe whom i work with, i hate that guy.
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  • Wow. That is unfortunate. What compute does she use? Is it a compatible one?
  • i don't think there's a "compatible" computer out there for securom. it's all about what programs you have. All i know is it's running on windows xp, not sure the brand or what. She's just going to have to reinstall windows to get rid of it, as she's not that computer literate.
  • We bought Spore a couple months ago and it had Securom installed in there too. Yes, it was a terrible, terrible three days. Wouldn't let us install anything at all.
  • After buying DeadSpace, wich has Securom, i decided never to buy an EA product ever again for 2 reasons.

    1) Over the top intrusion of my computer.
    2) No support for the customers. They have like, zero ways of getting reached, refuses to patch the game despite some easy to solve issue... And they don't make DLC available for the pc users.

    However, TellTale's Securom is set on like the lowest settings and never caused a problem for me. + they have awesome service for the fans. I'm quite sure they can help you out if indeed Securom is the issue.

    Sorry you had these problems :( Maybe even i could try to help out if you give more details.
  • I didn't even know Telltale had SECUROM........
  • I didn't know that eather.
    I just checked my regestry... and jep! It's there.
    I'm a bit disapointed, but I have to say, that it didn't cause any troulbes on my mashine
  • Yep, we do use it, but as PatsDark said we use the most minimal implementation in both the disc and download versions. It doesn't install anything to your system outside of the game .exe and leaves nothing behind when the games are uninstalled.
  • EA has securom? Dang. EA is one of the few companies making mac os ports...:(
  • I run spore... and sims 2... and S&M season 2 with no problems. *shrug* Securarom doesn't seem to have done much to my pc aside from annoy me with EA's downloader occassionally...
    There is a way to disable it you know, just look it up on the net if it's causing that much of a problem. I know it can get pissy about certain DVD and CD burning software, it doesn't like even legit ones.
    As I said, i've not encountered any particular problems (yet) so I can't offer that much sympathy.

    I've also never had a problem with EA. But then i've not needed to contact them about any sort of support. Atari yes, EA no. (and for the record, Atari are very good at replacing faulty cd keys, oh yes)
  • I did have a Securom problem once when playing Season 1 off the (real, legal) DVD. It wouldn't start the game, and told me to visit a URL to find out why. When I looked, it was just a site explaining what Securom was. Anyway, I rebooted, and the game worked fine after that, so I didn't need to bug Telltale Support that time around.
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