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Wait.... what?

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1st, I'll start out.

I own:

104, 105, 106, 201, 203, 204, and 205.

But a question... how did the DeSoto die? I haven't finished 205 yet, but I skim the walkthroughs before I play. I suck at creativity. So..... answers, please! :)
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  • They don't say. The COPS just tell you that it's dead when you ask about an upgrade:

    Bob: We're sorry, but your vehicle has... gone on to a better place.
    Curt: We are sorry for your loss.
    Max: Can't you fix it?
    Bob: We're afraid the car is completely dead! Repairing it is beyond our current skill level.
    Bluster Blaster: It still had so much to live for.
  • MmKay then, thanks. Just wanted to know if I was missing out on something. :)
  • Obviously it's how Sam & Max drive it.
  • I may be missing something, but why did Bluster Blaster's tone change.
    He's all monotone, and I feel like I slept through some critical cutscene.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Bluster Blaster had ... something ... happen ... to him when testing out the antenna right before the events of 203. I think its implied that he got electrocuted and it warped his brain but I can't remember.
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