What do you want to see in the game?

So I only recently got Borderlands 2, and I'm not very far into it, so for you guys who have played the series what do you want to see in this series? I don't mind spoilers for Borderlands and Borderlands 2 so discuss whatever you want about the plot.

So, what do you personally want to see?


    1. A closer look into Sirens.

    2. Most of the main NPCs from the games back.

    3. Insight into the Eridians

    4. Comedy.

    5. Lots of Comedy.

    6. A really really good plot.

  • One of the things that I enjoyed immensely in Borderlands 2 is the humor. I hope that they keep that.

    Beside that, I wish to know more of Pandora and I want a really good plot with strong characters.

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    An incredible plot and a refined game. Those were the two things that Borderlands 2 lacked (at least that's what I think). When I played it I didn't really care about the story (even though the story wasn't bad) and Telltale can definitely make a story that players will remember. As for my second point, I really don't think there's anything to worry about, especially because the gameplay will be completely different from BL2, which had a ton of glitches, bad AI, sloppy world design and so on.

    The people that saw the actual gameplay have said that the game is staying true to the humour and writing style of BL2, so I'm sure we'll have a lot of funny moments playing TFTB. I hope Mr. Torgue will appear at some point, that would be just unbelievably awesome (with some explosions on top).

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    A fitting atmosphere. One of the things I enjoy most about Borderlands is the humor and general atmosphere. There's tons of comedy and craziness but it's often rather dark humor and there's some serious themes as well. I really would like them to get this right while also presenting a game with a gripping story.

    Would also like to see several NPCs and playable characters returning. Especially some Borderlands 2 playable characters since while you are playing as them, there's only so little they can offer in character department because the dialogue is limited. BL1 main characters were turned NPCs in BL2 which gave them more room to be "actual" characters. So basically, more insight about the characters would be nice.
    Actually I have already seen some screenshots of them being in the Telltale game (at least I saw Zer0 who I happen to play in BL2) so I think my wish shall be granted.

    I also have this weird fascination of interacting with some enemy characters in other ways than just killing them. Like, let's go see how those bandits and psychos really live and actually try to have a conversation with them (which might fail miserably, violently and comically but at least we tried).

  • One of my favorite characters from the game is good ol' Claptrap. I've always sort of felt bad for him, since he's the last of his kind and pretty much everyone seems to hate him. So I'm kinda hoping I can befriend him in the game or something. :P

    I played as Zer0 in BL2, so I'd like to see some more of him. The way he always talks in haiku is pretty amusing. He's also pretty mysterious. Like seriously, is he a robot or an alien or what? I'd like to learn a bit more about him.

    And of course I want to know what's up with that whole Handsome Jack hologram thing we saw in the trailer.

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    Well Zer0 does show up in the screenshots, and apparently at the end of Rhys section as well. So, wish potentially granted?

  • Oh, yeah, I totally forgot he was in one of the screenshots! Thanks for reminding me.

  • Claptrap.

  • Of course he'll be in there! It wouldn't be Borderlands without him.

  • I sure as hell hope so!

  • I want to see Tiny Tina, what an awesome character she is :)

  • I want it to feel like a Tarantino movie, good script, great dialogues, a lot of dark humor and some very brutal, fun and completely assumed action sequences.

    Basically Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs or Django Unchained but in the Borderlands setting. I really think it can work with the humor and the characters of the series.

    Other than that, learning more about the characters and the lore would be cool.

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