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Is there going to be a Disc release of the Wii game ala Sam and Max?

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I bought the first one, but I've been hoping I purchase the season on disc for the Wii; it would really save space on that tiny Wii hard drive and look nice on my shelf. You know, like maybe a retail release like Sam and Max season one.

Any plans for this?
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  • I think this is a good idea.
  • We think it's a good idea, too, but don't have anything to announce at this time.
  • Emily;112675 said:
    We don't have anything to announce at this time.
    Heh. Sounds like they're putting a lot of consideration into the idea. There's certainly a lot of people who would rather buy it in a disc format than on WiiWare.
  • Emily;112675 said:
    We think it's a good idea, too, but don't have anything to announce at this time.
    Is there any word on whether Nintendo would even allow it?
  • Yeah, unlike Sam and Max, it's already come out on Wiiware, so it might be a little redundant to put it on Wii again.
  • There should. My next door neighbour and I play them all the time on his wii but he cant download like, anymore stuff from the wii shop channel because his whole wii is like, taken up with strong bad games, strong bad game saves, a super smash bros brawl save (128 blocks!) and a few other game saves.
    Disc form would be great.
    Also, telltale, you would get much better sales by releasing it on disc. If someone go's to a store, and sees a cool looking cover, they'll have a look and maybe buy it, but the wii shop channel, many kids parents dont allow them to get wii points with credit cards. And theyre local game store doesnt sell wii point cards. So, in my opinion, discs is a go :)
  • This came up on USAtoday and has been doing the rounds overnight:

    Nintendo's Virtual Console and WiiWare areas, both part of the Wii Shop Channel, let gamers download full games to the Wii. Virtual Console offers more than 270 favorites from older systems such as the Super NES, Nintendo 64 and Sega Master System. WiiWare allows small developers to distribute original games, with nearly 60 offered thus far. Telltale Games' five-part Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People episodic series, which ended in December, will be released on disc next month.
    Any word on whether this is accurate or not?

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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Clarification from Emily on Mixnmojo:
    Emily said:
    I haven't read the story yet, but I can say with certainty he's talking about the collector's DVD from Telltale's website.

    March is a possible timeframe, but as always, it's done when it's done. We'll put it up in the store when the DVD's completion is comfortably in sight.

    Now I'll go read that story. Thanks for the link!
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