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im new

posted by mario435 on - last edited - Viewed by 117 users
hey everybody I just got my first sam and max game 203:)
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  • Welcome. Nice to have someone new in these forums, they are quite quiet these days because TellTale isn't releasing info on the new projects, but people still reply from time to time.

    By the way, in season 2, this episode in my view is my least favorite along with 201. Be sure to get 104 ( it's free ), and if possible, the complete seasons are worth it :)

  • thanks for being nice to me:) but how is 104 free?:confused::confused:
  • I see cool im gonna swich to pc to get it I have a pc mac:)
  • So you have one of those parallel desktops? We have a couple of those at the school I go to. I have to use Vista at home, which is probably the only computer operating system that takes 30-40 minutes to load and crashes every third day. >_< I feel happy for you.
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