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Sam and Max download issue

posted by Kara on - last edited - Viewed by 121 users
Haven't got anything except the automated e-mail since the 20th, when I first submitted my request. I purchased both series of Sam and Max (and am definitely going to get Season 3, if this gets resolved). The first season was downloadable-only, and I did the process successfully and enjoyed the games. They accidently got deleted, which is unfortunate because I will probably want to play them again and there is the chance my husband will want to enjoy them as well. Since I have already paid for them, I would like a 2nd opportunity to download them.

Thanks for your prompt attention to this issue. 'issue-15741'

Kara Kennedy
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  • As I mentioned here, I sent you an email soon after you sent the request. Sorry it sounds like that didn't reach you. I'm going to send you a PM right now with the information in it. To check your private messages, click on "Your notifications" at the top right of the screen.
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