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Problems with SBCG4AP

posted by sheer_panic on - last edited - Viewed by 166 users
So, I played and enjoyed the Episode 1 demo (on my W2K desktop) and then purchased all 5 episodes. Unfortunately, as soon as I selected 'unlock game' (or something similar) and put in my username and password, the game went into a mode where it will not actually launch. The process runs, I can see it with the task manager, it apparently loads in a bunch of data since the process consumes 58 megs of RAM and uses 100% of one of the CPUs for a few seconds, but it never displays anything on the screen. I've tried rebooting, reinstalling the game both with keeping and discarding my settings, and installing another episode (episode 2), all with the same issues. Episode 2 also updated my directX.. right now I'm trying windows update.

I will also try running the game on another workstation - my 2k machine is the most powerful one I have (it's running 2k for performance reasons - it's a vista-class machine w/ 8G of RAM, dual core CPU, and whatnot) but I have XP and Vista machines around here also. I'd really like to get the game running on the 2k machine if at all possible, though.
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  • I'm sorry to say, we don't actually support Win2k with our games. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't, but make no guarantees either way.

    It sounds like in this case your best bet is probably to go with the XP or Vista machines you have around. I don't know what the hardware specs on those are, but the game supports a pretty good range of video hardware.
  • Well.. it runs on XP, but it has a really annoying quirk - whenever you click on the far right side of the screen, it drops back to the windows desktop. The game is still running and you can click on it on the taskbar or alt-tab back into it, and so far I haven't run across any puzzles taht I can't navigate because of this quirk, but it is annoying.
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