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Bone for Wii

posted by LegatoSkyheart on - last edited - Viewed by 892 users
Since the Strong Bad games came out for Wii why not Sam & Max and (what I want) BONE!

Come on everyone would love it wouldn't they?
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  • They would. I would.
  • The games would obviously work well on Wii, but the problem is that Telltale only has two episodes of an obviously incomplete story on hand. If they put Boneville and Cow Race on WiiWare, people would want to know where the rest of the plot was, and at the moment even Telltale itself doesn't seem to have an answer.
  • Besides, I'm pretty sure that neither game is under 40MB, so that would rule out wiiware. Maybe a budget disc release with both Bone games Telltale Texas Holdem would be cool though. TTH would be great for Wiiware come to think of it!
  • That's like me saying that the Strong Bad episodes shouldn't fit as WiiWare because they take up more than 40 megs on my hard drive after installation. It doesn't work like that. I imagine that if there are any logistical reasons keeping Bone from a WiiWare release, file size isn't one of them.

    I agree with you on Texas Hold'em, though. That would work quite well.
  • Well, based just on install file size, Out From Boneville MAY be able to fit on Wiiware since the PC install file is actually smaller than any of the Strong Bad games. However, The Great Cow Race's install file is larger than any Sam and Max Season 1 episode and more on par with the Season 2 eposides. It has been stated numerous times that Sam and Max was not released on Wiiware because of the size limitations but since SBCG4AP was less graphically taxing, it was able to meet the limitations. Bone's graphics are more in line with Sam and Max's. Given this, it is reasonable to assume that The Great Cow Race probably could not fit within the size limitations of a Wiiware release.
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