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How are the comics?

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They any good? How are the game characters portrayed in the comics??

  • The characters come across a little differently, but the comics are amazing. For instance, Bigby is more hard-boiled and surer of himself, and some of his powers (like his sense of smell) are stronger too. Snow is even icier, things like that. Also, the mystery element of the game really only carries on through the first story arc in the comics, the rest of the comics cover other genres.

    Anyway, it's hands down my favorite comic series. I'd definitely recommend picking them up. Volumes 1 - 3 are good, but for me volume 4 was when it really hit its stride and became downright epic.

  • The comics are excellent, but as Violet-Zephyr said, the characters come across a bit differently.

    There are a lot of great characters in the comics that don't show up in the game, like Boy Blue, Prince Charming, Frau Totenkinder, and Cinderella.

    Concerns in the comics are at the same time more personal and yet often on a grander scale than those in the comics. Insurrection, invasion, war, struggles with the great powers of the worlds. Yet we still get personal and family drama that's very interesting and fitting for the characters.

  • They are epic to the extreme, seriously. I don't think I've ever been majorly engulfed into a comic series before - until I started hearing about Fables ever since The Wolf Among Us first came out.

    Curse you, Bill Willingham and Telltale, curse you for making me addicted!

  • I fell love with it

  • Thay are worth it. Take the time to read em' and you will know. I thank The Wolf Among Us and TTG for introducing me to Fabletown, for I had no idea this world even existed prior to the game! :)

  • I've only read the first two volumes, and I think they're great so far. I hope the library in my new town has them.

  • I am currently married to the comics...

  • One of my favorite story arcs was March of the Wooden Soldiers. I love love love the comics, simply because it's nothing like all the other comic you see or read. The characters all get their own voice, it's never focused on the same exact person the entire series, although there are a set of main characters that you see the most. Each story is unique, yet has the same roots of your favorite fairy tales from when you were a child. It's a lot different to the game. If you didn't like Snow in the game, you're opinion might change because I honestly think she's a different person in the books. In the beginning she may seem annoying, but she grows onto you as if she were a real person you care about. The same goes for Bigby, Rose Red, Boy Blue, Flycatcher, and many, many more characters you encounter throughout the series. I'm up to date on the latest issues, and they only get better and better for me.

  • Read 35 chapters in 3 days, just saying.

  • Damn, that's a lot of praise!! How are the deluxe editions??

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