Sarah in Ep. 4 - What choice ends up being best for her?

In my playthrough I ended up leaving Sarah behind. I tried to convince her to come, but there's a point where someone needs to want to live and you can't risk yourself to drag them anymore. At least I tried, which is better than Jane wanted me to do. Sarah made her choice.

I was a little surprised to read that Sarah can walk out of that situation at all. But having read that she just dies later in the deck collapse, I think ultimately leaving Sarah behind is the better end for her. At least she got to make a choice in how she died, instead of randomly falling off a deck and being devoured by zombies. In that second death, Sarah was utterly powerless.

What do you folks think? Which is the better fate for Sarah?


  • I think her death in the tralier a lot more painful since was was being scratched and bitten by tons of walkers. Atleast when she's trapped it's only two walkers that bit her neck so I'm guessing she went out pretty quickly.

  • I never gave up on her. Even though i knew she was gonna die.

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    There was only one fate for Sarah and it was that she was going to be killed regardless of choice. Being able to save her is just there to appease Sarah fans for a little awhile and not saving her is for those who always disliked her, I guess. I would choose to save Sarah anyways. She's a very good character who deserved better.

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