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Season 3 better have Clementine as the protagonist,

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The reason why season 1 choices didn't matter as much was because we we're playing as Lee. Lee's choices didn't affect Clementine in anyway, but if Clem is the protagonist of season 3 then season 2 choices can matter more.

      • what's that supposed to mean

        • A "fan" that plays a game only for a character, and will stop playing that game if that character is no longer in it. It's considered to be a false fan because you aren't truly a fan of TWD if you only play it for Clem, you are a fan of Clem and that's it.

          Me on the other hand, I AM a fan of TWD and I WILL continue playing if Clem dies. Not saying I want her to though, she's one of my favorite video game characters.

            • What the fuck!? First of all, nobody can tell me wether I'm a fan or not. I only know that. I am a true fan of this game and Im smart enough to know it. I agree with some of these people. If Clem dies, I will not play this game. I will not. Maybe I will look at some playthroughs but my interest will no longer be in Telltale's TWD season 3. @rigtail , I'm not just a Clem fan, Im a season 1 and 2 fan. And if Clem dies then I just won't be in favor of that in season 3. I would love Clem as the protagonist next season! If she dies, YOU even gotta admit, it wouldnt be the all. All we have had is Clem since season 1 and then all of a sudden just take her out?! She is the star of the game. I mean C'mon! The Last Of Us fans would never play if they made a new season and Ellie died and Joel was alive!

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              Talimancer BANNED

              Wow, case well defended right there.

              • I've argued with over thousands of people ever since i first joined the internet, sometimes you just stop giving a damn about defending yourself even when someone says something utterly wrong about you. The moment he said i wasn't a "true" fan i knew i shouldn't bother, it's kinda funny because i'm probably a way bigger TWD fan than he is. nasmadoodle and thegoodthebadandthedead already did a good enough job anyways.

          • Clem has been in 2 whole seasons so far. I wouldn't say i'lll not play the next season if Clem died but i seriously can't see myself enjoying it as much.

          • I want to kill myself when i hear people saying If Daryl dies we riot!.I have to agree with you on this.Alt text

      • I don't like people deciding for me whether I am a "true" fan or not of something based on my preferences. Some people strongly like a series because there is something in in it (you name what), when it is gone, it is only human to feel less enthusiasm towards it. If you are a fan of the core concept and will continue to enjoy it further, even without that element you loved, good. If the core concept didn't really do it for you, but that one element or elements allowed you to enjoy it nonetheless and you are bummed out that they are gone, fine, too.

        Some people are only fans of one incarnation of The Walking Dead because it has something they enjoyed more than the comics or the TV show. Repeat in different combinations.

  • A lot of people are gonna disagree with me, so I'll brace myself for the onslaught of downvotes as I say this:

    I don't think Clementine is that interesting of a character. I feel like Telltale hasn't done much with her, and at the same time, I feel like it's too late to do much with the character. I wouldn't mind starting fresh with a new group if they were to make a third season.

    EDIT: Fixed a typo.

    • considering most people know we are in the second season and this is a topic about the third to make that mistake right there makes your comment invalid.


      • A typo makes my comment invalid? Okay.

        • well for starters..

          clem has been stifled by the group she found..

          she was treated like a kid at first, she was then treated as the go to girl because no one else could be bothered, clem has had to deal with cowards and idiots...

          only so much can be done with that.. ttg have handled this as well as could be expected, if not surpassed it.. but it's your opinion.

          as i said before a new group is a given,

          but clem has to be in it other wise season 1 and 2 are pointless. why make such a big fuss of choices if they can once again be forgotten about.. oh wait they pretty much have..i can't remember season 2 actually using the choices from season 1 at all.

          and season 2 choices have only really been about who dies.. and then is she cold to violence or hides from it.

    • honestly i agree with u

    • I do somewhat agree with you, at least with respect to some ways Clem has been treated this season. I know episode 5 is yet to be released, so this comment may be moot after that, but I really hope TTG gives even more of a window into Clem's mental state.

      So, so much has happened to her, and I know she's a badass and is being treated as such. Still, can't help thinking about what Katjaa said about Clementine at the train, "that little girl is a puzzle." Might be just me, but I still think that about her, and not always in a good way. I could readily get behind Clem as the protagonist for S3, but she does have so much potential that's barely been touched on this season.

      Like I said, maybe episode 5 will rectify some of this and delve more into Clem's psyche. The achievement pictures give me some cause to hope for this, but I guess I'll see.

      That's why I really hope Rebecca's baby survives; if he does and Clem is the protagonist for S3, it could go a long way to offering what I feel has been sorely lacking from S2: a dynamic and developing relationship between two characters. S1 was Lee and Clem, but none of the group this season has truly done that for me. Hopefully, this will change in S3.

      • That would be the best dynamic for Season 3! Clementine protecting the (yet to be named) baby, and creating an emotional bond with him. I only wish that Season 3 has better choices than Season 2 has so far! :)

    • What is it specificly that turns you off to her character? I'm just genuinely interested. Cause I see the very edges of what you're saying (she still ranks up there with the greatest fictional characters in my book -no. 2 or 3-)

    • this is clem's tale that is why only she can be the P_C just like the comics is rick's story

  • I'm like the only one that wants a new protagonist. Don't get me wrong Clem is awesome but I want a fresh experience and backstory

  • I hope for a new protagonist, but I also hope Clem will still be one of the main characters.

    • Jeez, angry fan boys disliking me because I wanna new protagonist...

      Really mature, I guess some people start to hate other people who don't have same opinion as their's.

      • Welcome to the Internet.

        But in all honesty, I would enjoy a fresh perspective also. And Clementine is possibly my favorite video game character of all time, but people need to understand character development can only go so far in fiction. And I feel like Clementine is reaching the end of hers.

        Now, heres a like to help you feel better!

    • The problem is that if there is a new protagonist, there is no way that Clem can be one of the main character, because players built her personality and it would be too difficult for Telltales to have different dialogue choices depending on how you played Clem and it wouldn't be cool for us to have a generic Clem. And, let's be honest here, a LOT of us want Clem as the main character in S3, imagine if she is in S3 but is no playable; imagine the wrath of the players.

      So in my opinion, it will be either a fresh start with new characters and no Clem or a new season with Clem as the main character.

      By the way, I didn't dislike you.

      • Well, I didn't see any reason to start from the beginning of the outbreak so I guess we'll play as Clementine. Like I said a few times earlier I don't think like that because it's my favourite character but because it makes more sense and like YOU said it'd be difficult for Telltale to create her dialogues with different playthrough of each players.

        • If we have a fresh start, it won't necessarily be at the beggining of the outbreak, we can also begin with new survivors ;)

          But I think it would make much more sense to have a S3 as teenager Clem, I mean Clementine IS Telltales' The Walking Dead, right? If she isn't in S3, it would be like a Lara Croft without Lara Croft...

        • then they can do it like it is good and bad choices clem's not crazed killer on how you playing she will always hate to see her people die no matter who they are

  • I also like the idea of a new group, but those choices that we did in season 2 won't matter if we have a new group.

  • To be honest, I'm torn.

    I want Clementine to carry on as the protagonist in season 3 because there's so much more potential for an older version of her. Depending on the choices we picked in season 2, did we perhaps Clem turned into a colder, hardened teenager, or does she still hold an idealistic view of the world and remember all that Lee taught her? Would we stumble upon past characters like Glenn or Lilly again? Can you imagine their surprise at how much Clem has changed; would they even be able to recognize her at first?

    ...However, I also wouldn't mind a completely new character. It would be interesting to see how they have survived this far into the infection and what it cost them, what their relationships are, etc. Plus, I love the idea of running into a Clementine that we no longer control.

  • Maybe Jane will be Season 3's protagonist... and we will get Clem again as the protagonist in season 4.

  • WTF is this Sh!t?! You guys talking about no Clem?! NOCLEMNOBUY indeed!

  • kenny for prog

  • Kenny confirmed for Season 3!

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