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The Biggest of Cities

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This is a new adventure, It'll be posed in Gmod (So don't expect regular updates, Maybe 1-3 updates a day) and will work on a multiple choice system.

You are Ray Thason, a College graduate going to the City on his private Helicopter to seek his fortunes.
You must find a hotel to spend the night, But it occurs that getting off the building may be somewhat a problem, as the door down has been locked.
What do you do;
A) Brake the door down.
B) Jump off the side, After all, You'll only suffer minimal injuries *Hic*.
C) Use the Rope you have to abseil down slowly.
D) Call a Superhero/Magical Being to help you.
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  • You wake up in some sort of clinical center.
    You: What... Happe-... Who's tha-...
    Man: That wasn't smart was it?
    You: Who're you?
    Man: names Heath Sturgeon, local Medic.
    You: Medic!? Don't those guys just ease the pain until you d-
    Sturgeon: Yes. It wasn't me who cured you of your 2 broken legs, cracked skull, fractured arms and possible puncturing of the lungs.
    You: Then... Who?
    Sturgeon: The City's caster, She's a quiet one, but undoubtedly useful.
    You: Caster? Don't see many of them around anymore.
    Sturgeon: Indeed, But anyway, You should be perfectly fine to leave right now, Ok?
    You: Sure, Got any suggestions of hotels?
    Sturgeon: Well, There's always the Devious Dartmouse or th-
    ???: Head to the Writer's Block. They are good.
    You: O... Kay then...

    That was an odd encounter... But at least you aren't dead.
    What should you do;
    A) Head to the Writer's Block, Sounds like a nice place.
    B) Go looking for a job. There has to be SOMETHING in this city.
    C) Go looking for an old contact, Who moved to the city 2 years ago.
  • A) Head to the Writer's Block, Sounds like a nice place.
  • Snicklin;113645 said:
    A) Head to the Writer's Block, Sounds like a nice place.
    A nice place, but certainly not a nice situation.

    Despite this, I agree.

  • Who was that mysterious woman? Why did she send me to the Writer's Block? Regardless, I headed over to it posthaste...
    Looks like a nice enough place... If you can get over the battered and mangled robots...

    I'm beginning to have second thoughts... What should I do?
    A) Go inside. It can't be as bad as the outside looks.
    B) Go looking for that woman, She sounded familiar...
    C) Runaway screaming.
    D) Do the Chicken Dance!
  • B) Go looking for that woman, She sounded familiar...
  • image
    Using the telescope that is on a high building, You search for her, But to no avail, However... There's a note in your pocket that says;
    It seems to be written in another language, And your degree didn't cover things like that.
    How strange...

    *Strange Note added to Inventory*

    That was pointless... What should I do?
    A) Head Back to the Block.
    B) Look for a store to buy some Supplies and food. I'm hungry.
    C) Go to the Arcade. I'm real Bored.
    D) Look for a bar or someone to pick a fight with.

    (Also, Are you guys gettin' tired of bad over-the-shoulder shots with bad DoF?)
  • "Back to the turn. It's not too late." it says.

    A) Head Back to the Block.
  • EDIT: *Sigh* Ray is experiencing technical difficulties taking the last picture (Very bad Vertex Errors) So I'll get it posted tomorrow, But you can see the first 2/3 of the post.
    You go into the hotel, and see a bright flash of light. When you open your eyes... You see something odd.
    You proceed down the *ahem* Stairs and come to the realization that you aren't in the city anymore.

    I think I'm going to go to the tunnels. What should I do;
    A) Go to the tunnels.
    B) Go to the tunnels.
    C) Go to the tunnels.
    D) Dance! Just kidding.
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