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My Max Lightwave Short Film

posted by frosticle on - last edited - Viewed by 1.5K users
Here are some renders from a 30-second animation I created at uni.
Everything was modelled from scratch and rigged. I wasn't going to post anything until it was finished, but I’ve been rather lazy recently.
Hopefully season two of Sam and Max will re-spark my enthusiasm to complete this animation.

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  • Wait... 50 seconds, you said it's 30 seconds!
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    splash1 wrote: »
    Wait... 50 seconds, you said it's 30 seconds!

    The longer, the better, man.:cool:
  • that is pretty nice animation character. I like Max with those big smile. I hope you finished it, kids will going to love it.
  • finish it or god help me!!!!
  • Technically it's okay, but you need a lot more work on that animation. Plan it out more. Go through a blocking pass, add in overlap and swing on the hands, fingers, head, spine. Your timing is completely linear, you also need to add in more ease-in/ease-outs, and use video reference when planning a walk. There's no vertical movement in the hips, and no rotation. Learn about walking. To get you started, you need to establish more solid contact poses, passing positions, extreme ups (happens just after passing position), extreme down (just after contact). Loosen the whole thing up a bit.

    Think about your staging and camera angles. Camera animation is important too, and the shots you've taken so far aren't interesting. Have the camera behind his foot as he steps in to stand in and admire the park, give us some angled shots. Make it look interesting.
  • not interesting? well i'm sorry i wasted your time.

    what you suggested is beyond my expertise.
    smooth motion in lightwave is very difficult to do.
    each bone is controled by null, which is why it seems linear and stiff.
    I've tried using ik booster to make the bones more fluid but the ik chain keeps stuffing up. I should probably re-do it in maya or something that caters better for animation
  • I'm currently studying for exams, and should be free by the end of this week. I might try finishing it then, (if I can still remember how to use lightwave).

    What I’ve shown you is 50 seconds of a 3 minute animation, and since its not finished I don't think it's fair to be criticizing it just yet. I have 4 pages of storyboards yet to include, and its syncrinized with a specific song.
  • I criticise because I want to help you. If you want this to be good, read through my suggestions again and think about which ones you can actually do, and how to use them to improve your shots. Do some more research into how to animate - I don't mean from a technical perspective, but an artistic one. If you want to get into the animation/3d industry, you need to learn to take constructive criticism. If I didn't care, or didn't want to see you improve, I wouldn't have posted at all.

    Oh, and by "not interesting" I meant not interesting because the camera and animation work need improving - I was using it in a more visual sense, they don't draw your eye around well.
  • Sorry just a little tense from uni.
  • I've done a few anims in LW 7 too years ago, I know how hard it is and how time consuming. Pirateguybrush has some valid points though. Some more squash and stretch to give it more character and give the character the appearance of weight would indeed improve it a lot. I would have thought the current state of LW to be more capable to do character animations, but apparently it's still a bit limited. Going over to Maya may only make it worse as you need to learn an entirely different animating system.
    I think there are a few plugins that make some parts move automatically like Max's ears. That could be made to move like an antenna for example.

    Good luck!
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