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Anyone else have the Symbiote Statue that can advise me?

posted by Col_Shaggy on - last edited - Viewed by 150 users
I just got mine today and expected it would come in pieces, after having seen the images on the TT blog, but some of the pieces fit kind of loosely. Am I supposed to glue it together? There were no instructions with the piece so I don't know for sure I should and what type of glue I should use if so.
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  • They do fit a little loosely, but I didn't glue mine together. It doesn't fall apart or anything once it's together. I wouldn't take it for car rides and such, but I think it'll be plenty stable once you've got it up on a shelf.
  • dont go walking around with it either.. looks like you might have to have great balance to hold that thing without keeping it on a stable bottom.

    watch out for mystery blackish gray marks. dun dun dun..

    the tie is the thing that drops off on mine the most.
  • Okay, I was just curious. I've got mine sitting on my desk and so far, after many rounds of Half Life and pounding on the desk in anger and frustration, nothing has been dislodged so I won't worry about it. The only real annoyance is that the top of the tie leans forward, but some tape on the back can probably fix that.
  • We glued the office statue together using contact cement. You should be able to find it at a department store like Target, or a craft store.
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