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Yes, Kenny was a dick to Clem, but....

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Why are you all siding against him for what he said? Its natural, hes hurting! He NEEDS to blame someone, and the only one of the group with the balls to approach him is Clem. He didnt mean it....or rather he did mean it, but not directly to her. Hes angry at the world for making him go through this again, for almost letting him die, but being cruel enough to make him stay when he was ready for it all to end.
Its realistsic and natural for him to go off like that, an he apologised anyway - so whats the problem? Let the guy vent, go knows he has every right to...

  • I'm with you. Im still with Kenny he was just grieving. No he shouldn't have lashed out at Clem but he wasn't thinking straight.

    • then later after he cooled off he should of told clem he was sorry he never tells clem he was sorry for blaming her for sareta's death in the tent he can say sorry but not for sareta just for what he just said so he put another death on her she is blaming herself for lee omid reggie sarah thanks kenneth ........oh and i didn't cut off her arm i killed the walker

      • Maybe he will next ep

      • Of course Kenny cares for Clem. He said mean things yes but in grief. Look how much he cared for in Episode 2 and how he took the beating off Carver for her in Ep3? Im pretty sure he will make amends in ep5

        • Shhhhhh. ....The anti Kenny folks have forgotten that!

          • No my friend no they haven't


            The beating seems astoundingly heroic... until you realise he was the one who forced the walkie talkie into her pocket regardless of what she said. That led to her needing to check on Luke, then getting either slapped or manhandled by Troy. If Kenny didn't take responsibility after he forced her to take the walkie talkie, he'd have been a huge piece of shit. It's still heroic on some level that he took responsibility there knowing how crazy Carver was but it's hardly some giant landmark of awesomeness like it first appears. Oh yeah, smashing the face of a guy who was already dead by the second hit into mush right in front of a little girl you swore to protect is real heroic. Not going to fuck her up or anything. Lee MIGHT be proud of him for taking the beating, if he can get past Kenny forcing the talkie on her in the first place. He'd want to slap the shit out of him for wasting time killing Carver, especially with Clem there. And he'd just beat the shit out of him on the spot for saying what he did to Clem. Kenny is weak, he can't control his anger and spite and his love is only conditional.

            • This is how some people think and I can somewhat agree

      • He actually did in the tent if you chose the right dialogue choices.

    • Look i kinda hated kenny when he said that stuff to clem, but i know hes still a good guy, no matter what i will choose kenny over any character in the group (and by the way i like everyone in the group right now, even mike and bonnie), i will always think of kenny as a hero of the walking dead.

  • And Kenny's inability to handle his losses means a little girl has to be verbally abused? His feelings have priority over someone else's? No. Fuck Kenny. I'll even let you pick the orifice.

    • So you're telling me at no point in your life, you haven't taken out anger, or frustration on the wrong person. Ever?
      I have, on many an occasion, I'm remorseful after, but that never fixes what was said in the heat of the moment. I even lost a best friend this way...I didn't learn though. I still do it when I'm pushed beyond breaking point. WE ALL DO!

      • No. The times I lashed out at people, I WAS WRONG, and it was not just excused because I was upset about something. When I realized how cruel I was being, I apologized. Kenny's determinant apology is half-assed and in no way proportional to the amount of wrong he spewed. Whether a person's circumstances are understandable or not does not excuse bad behavior. Kenny was entirely out of line and had no business taking it out on an 11 year old who made a decision in the heat of the moment. I will not excuse Kenny's behavior because it is inexcusable. End of story.

    • Uh.. Kenny didn't really lash out at anyone when Katjaa and Duck died. He just wanted to be alone and not talk about it. He was fairly okay with the boat getting stolen but even then when he bitches about Ben he got put in his place and didn't completely explode. He didn't really freak out more than usual when his mountain lodge group was slaughtered all because of Rebecca; nor was his reaction any more out of the ordinary when they are kidnapped and taken prisoner by Carver. Yes, Kenny has always had a temper but he's never really gone over the limit of what his temper is. I would say that Sarita dying and him snapping because of all of the losses he's been faced with is long overdue.

      I wouldn't say it's Clem's fault that Sarita dies but she is a kid and kids make mistakes and sometimes adults snap and yell at them for that they did "wrong" to scold them. You can't coddle and baby Clem forever. Yes, it might not have been the best way to talk to her but Kenny is stressed and it happened. It's the groups fault for asking Clem to go talk to Kenny when he obviously needed some time to be alone with Sarita.

  • Yes there is a reason but we can still be mad at him for it. Everyone has lost people

    • Yes, but he lost her either 5 minutes before, or was still losing her. Hell, when Nick lost Pete, he killed Matthew because he wasn't thinking straight... its not like he lost her hours before, or days or weeks. He had lost her, right then and there. They've all had losses, though you must remember that this is doubly traumatic for Kenny, he lost his family. Then managed to move on from that, made a new life with Sarita. He was happy. Then these guys disrupt his life, get him involved in their troubles. Because of Clementine he goes with them, and almost gets beaten to death, and loses his girl. Because of Clementine.
      Because god knows, if she wasnt with them, they wouldnt have stayed with Luke and co.

      So yeah, I understand why he's pissed. This group have ruined his life, for the second time.

      • I really like your explanation :)

          • I defiantly agree how these people did mess up the good vibe he was having I was happy yet pits when I found him or course I hugged him but I knew this group was in deep shot so all I thought was fuck more characters... personally I would have liked it better if they where less group members and we found Kenny and he saved us not like this where he gets dragged along I personally love Kenny out of my top 20 fav characters of all time I put Kenny at 8 :3

      • Without getting into this Kenny vs Luke thing, Luke's group really fucked with Kenny's original group.

        Nick killed Matthew for no reason, and then Luke's group brought Carver's group (that was looking for revenge, wich Kenny's group had nothing to do about it) to the lodge, resulting in Walter's death and later Sarita's.

        I'm not saying that the cabin group is "evil" or something, but they did some messed up shit with Kenny's group, accidentaly or not.

        • All of it was accidental!

          Nick wasn't thinking straight after the death of his uncle, but he thought Matthew was a threat to his friends. That's the reason he shot Matthew. He was trying to protect them!

          Luke didn't bring Carver to the cabin, they were trying to stay away from Carver but he found them. Walter only got shot because Kenny shot one of Carvers men so if you want to blame something for that then it would be Kenny for shooting first. No one could prevent Sarita from getting bit. Everyone knew the plan. They had to stay calm and walk slow in walker guts. Sadly Sarita didn't make it.

      • Because of Clementine he goes with them, and almost gets beaten to death, and loses his girl. Because of Clementine. Because god knows, if she wasnt with them, they wouldnt have stayed with Luke and co.

        No, not because of Clementine. Kenny is an adult, he is old enough to make decisions himself. Because of Kenny is why he went with the cabin group (really it was Carver but still). Don't blame that on Clementine. She didn't say "Kenny I found you! Now you have to stay with me and my new group.". Kenny made a choice and took the beating for Clementine (which I respect him for). If you MUST blame someone for that, blame Luke for getting caught. I blame Sarita for getting bitten but if you MUST blame someone else blame Carver. Clementine did not cause any of these things, other people did. But Kenny blames her and only her, and that's not okay with me. I know Kenny is an emotional man and her deals with pain that way. But its not right to treat someone that way just because its "how he deals with it".

        • i agree with your post for the most part. However, I don't think you can blame Luke for getting caught. He'd followed Carvers van ON FOOT for 5 days to get his friends out. He was doing his best to learn the pattern schedule for the best chance of them getting out. He couldn't afford to sleep incase he got caught. He was naturally exhausted and hungry and that's when he made the mistake of trying to steal some food. Like I said he was exhausted and hungry, put yourself in his shoes and on seeing all that food, tell me you wouldn't try and get some to help keep your energy levels up?

      • Yes, Clem even said in Ep1 when she was talking to Luke that people sometimes die because of her

  • I don't hate Kenny because of that.I hate him for other reasons.Heck,If I were in his place when Sarita died,I would act even more than he did.

  • Duckity duck fuck Kenny. he ducking fuckity ducked up the day. duck fuckity kenny

  • This is exactly what I've been telling other people, and I bet if they were him they would have done the exact same thing or worse, or something very similar....

  • This. Why can't people understand why he was acting that way? His girlfriend just died in a horrible way. Anger is one of the stages of grief for Pete's sake! The stuff he said isn't ok, but it's understandable given what he was going through. Did everyone just expect him to just get over it without any fuss? That's incredibly unrealistic.

  • Exactly! the thing about Kenny is he always needs a goal. Get to a boat. Protect my family. Get to Wellington. Protect Sarita. Protect the baby. Every goal he fails to acheive hurts him. That's why he lashed out at Lee, and that's why he lashed out at Clem.

  • What i didn't like about this whole situation was Kenny blaming you, no matter what you did. In my playthrough i decided not to cut off Sarita's arm and the outcome was still the same. Kenny said that it was my fault that Sarita was dying, which absolutely made no sense.

    Please don't misunderstand me here. I love Kenny, he still is and will always be my favourite character. I just think that this was bad writing.

    • I was a bit pissed about this too, then I realized it was my fault. If Clem hadnt been with the cabin group when they met Kenny's group, he more than likely would have told them to keep moving. He certainly wouldnt have gone with them. They had a good thing with the ski lodge, no need to leave. So he never would have ended up at Carvers camp, never would have got beat half to death, and Sarita never would have been bitten.
      So yeah, its all my fault... :-(

      • Well...i guess that makes sense, to some extent. But i still didn't like the way this particular scene was written. In my opinion, there should have at least been a difference, compared to what your final choice was in episode 4 (cutting off Saritas arm or not).

        Anyway...TEAMMOUSTACHE to the bitter end!

        Alt text

      • plez the way they were they were going to kill each other none were going to back down clem saved them from killing themselves and do you think carver cared if he found kenneth and his friends he needed slaves he would have taken them anyway

      • No. No it's not. That's all on the cabin group.

        Nick killed Matthew for no reason, and then Luke's group brought Carver's group (that was looking for revenge, wich Kenny's group had nothing to do about it) to the lodge, resulting in Walter's death and later Sarita's.

        Besides I remember what Kenny said in S1: "But if we're going to survive this shit, we gotta have the balls to do the hard thing. Or at least, one of us's got to."

    • Now this I agree with. It doesn't make nearly as much sense for Kenny to be so mad at Clem if she didn't cut the arm off. It's like Telltale didn't put nearly as much thought into that scenario since a large majority of players cut the arm off.

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