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CSI NY HELP! Been stuck a while..:-(

posted by elissa87 on - last edited - Viewed by 390 users
First of all I have to say, that it's a okay game, but I think it's stupid that its not an official site for FAQ when you need one.. I have busting my ass to try to find answers for this game and where I'm stck, but I can't find any help...:mad:

So in pure desperation, I REALLY hope that one of you inside here knows anything about CSI NY help, or knows a good page I can look at, without jusing hours to find out where in the page I have to find stuf that will help me.

Anyways.... my question is simple, as I sad CSI NY episode 1, talking to Dr. Evan Coil. I have pressed all the questions in this speak-bubble, and I have pressed all the evidence but the interrogation-bar dosen't fill up completely, so I can't move on in the game. And yes, I have double-checked triple-checked even started at the beginning to see if there is anything I'm missing, but no, there is not. So please, is there a soul out there who knows what to do!??!:confused: I would be VERY happy for any answers!:)

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