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What if you ran into Vernon?

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Now, Clem did not personally witness Vernon and his group stealing the boat but I'm sure she found out about it from Christa and Omid. So let's say you have a run in with Vernon's group. Let's assume that Kenny survives the shoot out at the end of episode 4. Kenny would obviously be pissed about how Vernon screwed them all (maybe Christ and Omid would still be alive if not for the boat being stolen). So you have an angry Kenny and on the other hand Vernon might offer for you (Clem) to join his group and leave the others (whoever survives from your current group).

What would you, as Clem, do? Would you punish Vernon (Kenny would probably want to)? Would you ask him to join your group (he is a doctor)? Etc.

What is your reasoning for the choice that you would make? What choices do you think would be given if this kind of a run in happened? Would your decision differ if Vernon was alone as opposed to with another group?

To be honest, I highly doubt this would ever happen; however, I am curious how you guys would react. I'm interested to hear your reasons for whatever actions that you guys choose.

For me, if the current group survived I would probably have Clem demand that he fix everyone's injuries as payment for the betrayal that he did. I don't think I would have Clem kill him even though I think Kenny would want that, but I also wouldn't ask him to join the group either as he is no longer trustworthy. Then again, the same could be said about Bonnie and people seem to be warming up to her.

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