• People liked Katjaa because we actually got to know her a little. Sarita was just there most of the time and barely had any lines.

    • yeah this we didnt really know anything about her other than the fact her and kenny were really close

    • We knew as much about Katjaa as we did about Sarita. If people felt more for Katjaa, it's because her plight was just so much more tragic than Sarita's.

      Yes, Sarita died a pretty bad death. But Katjaa held her little boy in her arms as the life slowly drained from him while her husband just kept moving along out of denial of the situation at hand. You can't help but sympathize with someone going through something like that.

      • No, we knew more about Katjaa definitely, what was Kat before the apocalypse? a vet, what was sarita? I dunno :P Kat's family lived in fort lauderdale before the Z.A. how about sarita? Wait, did she even mention her family? Should I continue? Or do you get the point? :P

        • We knew that Sarita's family didn't celebrate Christmas, but she still loved the festivities. We knew that Sarita was kind enough to care for an emotionally broken man she found holed up in an abandoned restaurant. Knowing these things let us know more about the kind of person she was than finding out that Katjaa was a vet and lived in Florida. I mean, do we know anything about Mike's past? No. But I'd say that we got a better sense of his character than other people whose backgrounds we were more familiar with.

          • True but if you wanna go into the things Katjaa would do for others we will, for example she tried to save a man who lost a leg without hesitation, and probably fixed up peoples wounds in the groups tons of times, we also knew that Katjaa isn't one with a fighting spirit because she didn't like carrying guns around.

            • I don't know if I would say "without hesitation." Katjaa chewed Kenny out quite a bit about bringing that guy back without a leg and making her fix it (not that I blame her). And likewise, because we did see Sarita with a gun (and she handled herself with it well enough), we knew that she could fight if necessary. She just didn't want to. Neither of them were very strong characters, but they both had a fair amount of nuance to their personalities.

            • Let's not forget that she would rather take her own life than see her son die.

    • This. I feel bad saying it, but I really didn't care much about her. :/

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    AmazingAura01 BANNED

    I liked her. I know people like her irl and they're really nice.

  • Honestly? Yes.

    Sarita was one of those strange, magical kind of people who could go through the worst possible circumstances and still remain an affectionate human being - which is probably why Kenny gravitated towards her.

  • While she had a very kind soul, I didn't become attached to her, and Katjaa's death was much more dramatic and heartbreaking to me.

    • My thoughts exactly.

      While Sarita DID give us the impression of being a mere plot device for Kenny's development, she had a likeable personality, but there is no way we can feel as attached to her as we felt toward Katjaa.

  • She seemed like a nice person and she was always kind to Clem. If that's not reason enough to like her, then I don't know what is.

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    hell yeah she was nice and she reminded me of like a nice mom. And now that I think about it cutting off her arm with all that blood in the middle of a herd wasn't the best idea lol

  • i had an instant like to Sarita how she tried to put everyone at ease,hearing her sing while helping Sarah put the decorations on the tree just added to the calmness and vibe of the ski lodge,love this woman.

  • I wanted to. Damn it, I wanted to in spite of how telegraphed it was that she existed purely to further the story-line of Kenny. It's an extremely lazy reuse of Katjaa's death, but without the talent to make us care for her. Plus I'm bothered by how she apparently didn't listen to Reggie when he told her about his amputation story - I'm sure that's an event that raises eyebrows and invites questions.

    In a better world, we would have got to know who Sarita was before the apocalypse. What her family was like. What her fears and dreams were like. We would have given her a chance to survive and prove that Reggie wasn't just lying.

    • Exactly, we really only know Luke and Nicks past of all the new season 2 characters and that's only that they knew each other, and Janes past a little. But no other character that wasn't in season 1 (Clem, Bonnie, Kenny, Christa) really have a past or fears or family. The only family we know is Carlos and Sarah, and Nick and Pete, also that Jane had a sister.

      • Come to think of it, it may have been more compelling for Sarah to have bitten and force Clementine herself to decide whether to "do something unfriendly" to save her life.

  • I didn't have enough time to form a strong enough opinion on Sarita. She seemed nice but that was based off 3 conversations that lasted a combined 5 minutes (if at that.) I mean Telltale did not introduce her clearly to be a character to be liked or hated but rather as a reason for Kenny to fall back into depression/ lose hope again.

  • Sarita seemed nice but didnt get to know her well enough, so mainly it was for Kenny.....

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