• Was advertising the only point for this thread?

  • Nope but it doesn't hurt, I'm not sure why people are turned off by that kind of thing, if I continue making free content then who cares.

  • I dont know I just felt that they were trying to say something with Sarah, they really tried to get Jane's sister's story accross

  • No death is inevitable. Absolutely no one was ready when the plague started. Everyone had to adapt. Even if someone starts adapting late, it's still never necessarily too late. Sarah's death was an unwillingness to create content for Epiaode 5. We shouldn't accept post hoc rationalizations that some people are unkillable, who give us "Game over" if they die, and everyone else will die, period.

    • From the very moment we're introduced to Sarah, I knew this was someone who would not survive to the end of the Season. It was more than just her being sheltered from the reality of the apocalypse that prevented her from adjusting to this new world; her mannerisms and discussions hinted at a young woman who was suffering from some kind of mental disorder. Like it or not, people like Sarah are a huge liability to other survivors (case in point - what happened in the trailer. Three people came very close to losing their own lives because Sarah refused to budge).

      Her death was inevitable.

      • Well, I don't think she necessarily had a mental disorder. I mean, maybe, but I don't think that was the intention of the writers. I think she was just meant to be sheltered and vulnerable, and not able to learn to cope quickly enough.

  • one thing alot of people think is clem cant die and i might get hate for saying this but clem could die just like anyone i mean were talking about TT here i just wanted to point that out.

  • Clem dies pretty often when I am playing

  • Its not really a spoiler if you tell people what this thread is about.look at the title

  • You spoiled in the thread title, oh intelligent one.

  • I think many of us have a problem with just that though. Sarah was only a throw away character to progress Jane's story along while they were trying to give a sense of hopelessness to Sarah's character many of us did not see her as completely hopeless. Sarah was a child who obviously didn't understand the outside world, most likely because of her coddling father, but she showed that she was willing to change, The fact that she disobeyed her father to help Clem when she needed it and the fact that she had Clem teach her how to use a gun shows she wanted to adapt. The problem is because of what we knew previously of her character (said examples above) it made her character less hopeless and nothing like how Jane described her sister. Jane's sister just gave up one day but Sarah just didn't know what to do because her main support was gone. (Her father the man who forced her to rely only on him.) Sarah at least should have had the chance to adapt without her father's influence until it was taken away for story development for Jane which doesn't even logically make sense/ applies to Jane other than Jane's word about Sarah being hopeless. We can't just have Jane's word that she is hopeless with previous evidence showing otherwise. Well I hope I made what I was thinking clear.

    • Let's not forget, when it came to the gun thing, that Sarah just as quickly forgot about it when she spotted someone approaching the house.

      The girl had a very flighty attention span.

      And it's funny how people forget how Sarah acted under stress. How she panicked when Carver showed up at the house (hyperventilating and begging Clem to make him go away while she hid). How she blabbed when someone else was being questioned.How she'd freeze in place when given simple instructions, because she was too scared of screwing up even the most mundane tasks.

      • I'm not forgetting how she acted under stress. People keep forgetting she was coddled to the point that she didn't know how to act other than to just be a kid. Carver's authority was above her father's a very scary man that would kill a person if he considered them detrimental to his group. She is a kid and knows nothing beyond that because of her father. Think about it... a child who was up against a tyrant. How many children do you know who just learned how to use a gun would be willing to shoot another person? They may be willing to say they will but they won't or will not be able to. I know when learning martial arts I wasn't willing to spar with my opponent because I was afraid of hurting them and the same when it came to physical bullying I was unable to fight back because I was afraid I would hurt them. I was taught that it was wrong to hurt someone else. The most important thing that every one forgets is that she was taught to be a child, that she was willing to learn to be an adult but no one gave her the chance other than Clem.

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