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will it be in 3d or 2d?

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Although I see that a great deal of Telltale games are in 3d I was curious if they would possibly keep the game in the 2d realm that the comic originally was born into. I know freelance police was going to be intended to be in 3d....
I don't know any thoughts/ answers?

btw. I support the idea that Sam and Max should be availible in a MAC format, I go to an art college and there is a large Sam and Max fanbase here yet no one can get to a freakin pc.
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  • It will be in full 3D, I believe.
  • You should sell all of the college's Macs on eBay for like $14, and put that towards the purchase of one of those $100 laptops from Africa that have a hand crank for power.
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    Macs rock, and those hand crank laptops were designed for homeless people. They weren't a success ;)
  • you can't call yourself a true gamer and defend the mac. If you want to do some authoring then by all means use a mac.
    All the mac users have to beg all the time for versions of games to come out for the mac.
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    I call myself a gamer, and I don't own a PC. The trick is that I don't call myself a "PC" gamer. I play on consoles, mostly, apart from a few games like WoW that are obviously computer exclusives.
  • As a "PC" gamer, I think the trick will be to try not to giggle so hard while playing the new Sam & Max games, knowing that all the other gamers shall go wanting.

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    Prepare for much beating, "PC" gamer!

  • Is there even such a thing as a Mac gamer? :D

    Seriously though, Apple computers are aimed at the casual computer user market. If you need to use a computer but don't want the hassle of learning to use a PC or don't enjoy having it lock up and refusing to work at inopportune times or refusing to do work despite the fact that it should just because the stupid freakin' graphics card had a slight bend in the top which meant it rested no more than a millimeter too high above where it was plugged in (I'm really angry about that time. 3 freakin' days trying to figure out what was wrong with it...), by all means get yourself an Apple computer. If you want to game then you're screwed and all the PC owners will be laughing at you. And by laugh I mean really evil laughing like a mad scientist. Or maybe cackling like a witch.
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    C'mon. Not to turn this into a fanboy war, but Apple computers are insanely stable and great for anyone who does a lot of work on a computer, especially work that involves any kind of art (film, graphic design, music, whatever).
  • Just realised my long ramble about how much this computer annoys me didn't really make my message clear. It says the same thing as SMNMX wrote. So yeah, I'm agreeing with you buddy.
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