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Is there going to be a SBCG4AP Season 2?

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Title says all. :)
Is there?
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  • I think that Telltale probably had a good deal of success with sbcg4ap, after all they gave it the most space on the store that I've seen so far (only started at sbcg4ap) and it seems that a lot of people enjoyed it. Although, matt definately would want to rest his chords, and sometime in 2011 or late 2010 seems about right. i really hope there will be, but i wouldnt mind tomi 2 or a new series. i never got into the wallace and gromit games, which is surprising because i love the animation.
  • Oh crumbs. I just realized that t comes after s. heh. Eveybody just ignore my last post. Back on topic, I think someone somewhere said that Telltale are on a routine. As in, they make a Sam&Max, then a SBcg4ap, then a Wallace&Gromit, a Monkey island, and repeat. Maybe they'll add a new game down the line, maybe they'll stop making a certian game down the line, but I think that as a whole, they'll probably stick to that routine. After all, the R in 'routine' stands for R...
  • SBCG4AP just won't appeal to anyone who hasn't already watched the toons. Especially since a lot of the jokes are inside references.

    My friend complained that, compared to Sam & Max, the enviromnet of the game was minimalist (furnature), garish (Marzipan's house), uninspiring, repetitive, & bland. I told her that it was like that in the cartoons, but it just stood out more in 3D, & that you got to go to way more places than you could in S&M & interact with way more characters. My only complaints were the missing Strong Garage & Cheat Office (which are possibly in the laundry room) & the tree that's supposed to be by Strong Bad's window...& the lack of partly missing carpet in his office.

    I don't think the well's run dry on ideas for season 2. There are still places, like the cliff, the front of the KoT's castle, the office, the graveyard, the spooky forest, the lake, Homestar's house, the Marshmallow place, the Cheat's grill, the deck, Marzipan's classroom, the indoor theater stage, the outdoor competition stage, the school dance hall, the island, the pool, the raddish patch, the tall hill, the theater, etc. Places that only showed up in one game (like Strong Bad's other office) can be reused.

    There are still characters like Green Gobblin, Announcer, Senior Havingalittletrouble, Mr Bland, Onion Bubs, the Old Timey crew, the puppets, Strong Bad's new computer, Yellow Dello, the ghost of computers past, all the kings men, the Grape Fairy, Pompom's cookiejar dog, those mopey-looking halloween kids, Cardboard Homestar, & reuse once-used characters like Senior Cardgage, Marshie, Cardboard Marzipan, Trogdor, Stinkoman & co.

    Teen Girl Squad alternatives: Cuppincakes, Little Brudder, powered by the cheat, 4 Gregs, Cheat Commandos, Strong Badman.

    & a few episodes could be around the most popular toons of the year: Halloween & Decemberween. Also, it wouldn't hurt to make Homestar the playable protagonist for at least 1/2 an episode.
  • i hope there is some weather changesw in season 2, like snow, rain, or night time, that's genius
  • I can't believe this this thread is still alive. I like made this about a year ago. lol
  • It's amazing what one little thing can turn into, eh?
  • I know that a lot of us are saying that the series 'took a lot out' of the bros, but considering that they just had another kid, I think it's more than likely that they'll stay on for a second season. The games had to be good money for the work they did and considering they don't sell advertising space and the economy is still in the toilet, I'd say it's more than likely that there'll be a second season of Strong Bad.

    I'd love more Homestar myself, maybe he'll take on a Max-like role? (i.e. he follows SB around making silly comments. Considering he seems to do this anyway for the Sbemails, it's very possible.)

    Ideas for Season 2 plots? I'd love stories around Decemberween and Halloween (like the Jibblies painting), a return to the wrestling ring (a running gag could involve Strong Bad looking for increasingly gimmicky identities. Il Cartographer would be just the START!), Dangeresque 4: Now in non-3D 3D!, and the return of cardboard Homestar and Marzipan.
  • LikaLaruku;249641 said:
    SBCG4AP just won't appeal to anyone who hasn't already watched the toons. Especially since a lot of the jokes are inside references.
    I wouldn't say that. I never even heard of Strong Bad and the Homestar Runner universe before playing the games but I still enjoyed them. It's from the games that I found their website and the toons within.
  • Just now finally finished the series. I've been working on it a while, but got distracted. Must say, I loved it. I thought 8-Bit is Enough and that the episodes got better every time. Hopefully they'll make another season and continue this trend.
  • yesyesyesyes i need my fix of homestar runner, my brain is beginning to solidify!
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