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Gabriel Knight 2 - English subtitles patch

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Have you ever been annoyed at the lack of subtitles in GK2?
I just finished writing English subtitles for the game, and using a patch by a very cool guy called kelmer, I could implement them in the game.

All I had to do was replace the Spanish subtitles in kelmers patch with English subtitles.
It was still quite a bit of work though - I had to extract all the messages from the game (they are in there, just not displayed) and copy and paste them all into these message files in the patch.

Also - the game does not contain any subtitles for videos, so I had to write all of those from scratch by playing the game and writing down everything they say. Had I known just how much is said in videos, I would probably never have bothered :p

Anyway, there are two GIGANTIC drawbacks -

* speech while viewing inventory items is disabled (yes, even when reading letters you might have in your inventory). It was like this in the patch I use for this, and I have no idea how to fix it. It would be really cool if someone could find a way to correct this!

* only works with the Windows version. Again, if anyone can fix this, it would be awesome!

Another minor drawback is that the game does not change subtitles very often, resulting in sometimes displaying big boxes of text, like this -


It's very rarely that bad, though.

Also, keep in mind that I wrote down every line from every video - meaning that there *will* be errors here and there in the text. I know the German text has a lot of errors, I don't know German.
If you play the game using this patch, please write down any error you see (both what it says and what should be said), so I can correct it.

Oh, and after you install it, you might have to edit the config file (RESOURCE.WIN) to specify your CD drive letter. It's at the very bottom of the file.

Finally, a few lines are still in Spanish (only unimportant stuff like the 'Change disc' screens).

NEW, UPDATED LINK! Fixed a few broken lines and such -
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