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Why so many people hate Clem?

posted by Salvy on - Viewed by 5K users

Recently, i saw posts like: " i don't want to be Clem in season 3!" or " Clem is a bad character" or "I hope Clem will die" etc...

Now i ask myself:

Are these people seriously!?!?
I mean, hate Clementine!! Come on!! It's impossible!!

TWD will not be the same without Clem, is like Comics or TV show with Rick...

I want to see more seasons with my Clem that grow up with my choises, but it's really weird how someone says this sucks...

(sorry my bad english :P)

  • Wait... What?!

    Where did you see this?

  • I don't hate her I love Clem as much as the next guy I just want a new protagonist in season 3 that doesn't mean I hate her

  • I rarely see anyone say that :P

  • Because people feel Telltale is milking the players bond with Clementine and lowering the quality of the game with each new season. Honestly I think this game should have ended in season 2. Sad to see the game kind of going that way.

    • There have only been two so far :o

      • And this is just the start. Consider me to be like Jane. An expert when it comes to sequels and marketing crap. I've seen this sad progression of getting worse and worse happen to so many games.

        • Halo: The third game was the best.
          Heroes of Might and Magic: The third game was the best.
          Gears of War: The third game was the best.
          Final Fantasy: The SEVENTH game was the best.

          • Eh subjective. They introduced too many EU characters in Gears 3 without explaining them to non readers and some of them were basically just shoved in as cameos. I like Gears EU lots but a game should stand on it's own and be supplemented by EU, not made necessary by reading the EU. The splitting of the four main characters, barely giving anything to Carmine, Sera looking so different and lots of good characters being wasted with no mentions or screen time or was awks ;/ I like it but like TWD S2, game stories are awks if different writers write each story, the style feels different, atmosphere also

        • Okay. So how is it getting worse?

          • No hubs to get to know the characters. Rushed and lazy story changes like the 400 days characters for example. Choices really don't change any characters opinion of you. Except Kenny's outburst and that Kenny vs Luke at the end of episode 4 there are no other conflicts. Determinant characters are given lazy deaths. Nick is the best example by far. Hell someone dies this season just like the players with standards the characters themselves have little to no reaction. Hell that "This character will remember that" is probably a joke. No one remembers a thing it seems. Which is why I heavily suspect Season 3 will be even more rushed and lazily written than Season 2.

            • Those things are definitely as you say, now that I look back. But you specifically, you're not saying that these problems are caused by making Clem the protagonist? You said some people feel like her character is being taken advantage of, and this here is completely separate?

              • Nope those changing in the writing are completely separate due to rushed lazy writing. Now to the protagonist problem. Honestly if this was any other kid people wouldn't care nearly as much as they do for Clementine. People want to know the next part of her story. The problem is we're not given a detailed game like season 1. Instead we're given a rushed game which is season 2. In short people curiosity about the next part of Clem's story gets people buying the new season. Only to disappointed by fast paced lazily written episodes. Sadly a lot of people get too emotionally invested in Clementine and can't think outside the box to realize the many weaknesses of this season. Basic human psychology really. Get too attached to something and you overlook many of its flaws.

  • TWD will not be the same without Clem, is like Comics or TV show with Rick...

    I really wish people would stop having such figurative hard-ons for Rick and Clem. There's other characters more deserving of those erections. Namely Negan, Kenny and Jane.

  • People hate Clem! Kenny Stare How dare you! Pulls out Saltlick hmmmm

  • No I don't hate Clem, I like her very much I just want a new protagonist for s3, it doesn't mean I hate her.

    I still want her to be one the main characters, tho.

    • Again:

      I know, but a new protagonist means no more Clem!

      It's for this that idk why a lot of people want a new protagonist xD

      • I don't know why people are acting like no Clem would be the end of the world....and she could always be a deuteragonist again

      • We don't know what's gonna happen in episode 5, so don't say that yet.

      • Why do you think that? Why couldn't it be that Clem meets new a new group at the end of no going back and we get to play as one of them. Another scenario could be, that assuming Kenny survives, we get to play as Kenny instead. Another option would be that we get to play as Christa after she and Clem got seperated and the season is about finding Clementine. There are multiple possibilities for a new protagonist and keeping Clementine as part of the story. One does not exclude the other.

        • Playing as Kenny would be the only change that makes sense. They aren't grooming anyone to be PC so far. Clem worked in S2 because of the bond we already had with her.

          Plus playing the part of an unstable man with psychotic episodes slipping further into madness after losing everything time and time again would make for an awesome plot.

  • I love clem. I don't like the idea of playing another character unless I can play as kenny. I think they should age clem again to late 20s that has found love.....I duno just chucking it out there lol

  • Not wanting Clementine to be the protagonist of season 3 =/= hating her. Some people just think her story has run its course and want to play from a different perspective. I know it's easy to get attached to her, but as previously mentioned, she's not the only character in The Walking Dead.

    Besides, I think seeing an even older Clementine would kinda ruin the charm of her character. But that's just me.

    • I agree with you. I remember in 400 Days every one was blowing it up saying "Where's Clementine, Where's Clementine, Where's Clementine, Where's Clementine, Where's Clementine?" it drove me insane. Just imagine what people would be like if they kill her/end her arc.

      People would go ballistic.

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