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About Season 3

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I don't know why, but I have mixed feelings about it. I guess I'll buy it depending on how Season 2 turns out. What about you guys?

  • ill buy it no matter what

  • I will end up buying either way but i hope we dont play as aclementine because i didnt like the idea of it . yes clementine is cute but she already had a personality and making her the playable charcater changed her personality in a drastic way

    • She already had a personality in season 1 when she was a little girl but then 2 years passed before the start of season 2 where she had to grow up in the apocalypse. Of course her personality would have changed in a drastic way. She wouldn't still be the same cute, naïve little girl.

      • Its not about her being the cute naive little girl its about the game alowing her to completly change her person and identity she became a completly diferent character when she was made playable and its not about growing up its a bout her having a diferent identity .

        Example : Clementine in season 1 was never a douche but in season 2 she can be a douche because she is playable and thus that becomes unrealistic because just cause someone grows up doesnt mean they have to start being a douche.

        In episode 4 you get the change to steal from someone else and that choice is out of chracter for clem because she would NEVER steal from anyone

        • But she doesn't become a completely different character. Those 2 years that we didn't get to see would have changed her a lot. She probably feels like she's partly to blame for Omids death, whatever happened to Christa's baby probably wasn't good and she's had to grow up constantly afraid of walkers and groups of bad people. In season 1, Lee protected Clem so she managed to keep her innocence for a while but when he died she realised all the bad things she would have to do if she wants to survive. If that means stealing supplies from a complete stranger, who could be lying to you anyway, to help the people in her group that she cares about then she'll do it.

          But the good thing about playing as Clem in season 2 is that you can control how much she has changed form season 1. If you don't want her to be a douche, don't play her as a douche. If you want her to keep some of her innocence from season 1 play her as a nice caring person and make the decisions that you think she would make. It's not out of character for Clem because Clem is our character.

          • Clem will never be our character because she had a personality before hand and i dont think us molding a character to our liking that already existed is right because i feel like its a diferent person all together . But this argument is just gonna run in circles so lets stop it here but just to be clear i fully respect your opinion but i just dont agree with it

  • Im buying it no matter what but I'd prefer playing as a new character.

  • I'll buy it no matter what as well, but I certainly hope it'll improve.

  • Definately buy it. The only question is if I'll buy it immediately or if I'll wait until the story is going forth so I don't have the long waits between episodes. Then again, that means I wouldn't be here, and that's part of the benefit of the series now.

  • I will definitely be playing it and can't wait for it to be released.
    But thinking about the way how familiar characters just... die die die, I don't know if I'll like to play a game with completely new characters. Just... I dunno.

  • season 2 is good shit, hell yeah ill buy it

  • Third times the charm... They will improve on their mistakes from Season 2 and make it better. Length wise and plot wise.

  • I will need to wait and see what happens at the end of season 2 but will most likely buy it.

    Before season 2 started I was a bit worried at playing as Clem but now I'd happily play as Clem again in season 3. I would prefer no time jump but I guess it would be ok.

    Also there is no character that I would rather play as so if its not Clem then I would want a new character

    • probably no time jumps since they cant go pass the comics timeline and i think the comic is around 3 years in right now and telltale are probably about 1.8 years in in

  • I'll buy it no matter what!!!!

    However if Clem will be the protagonist (thing that i'm sure at 99%), it will be Better!! :D

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