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How Clem CAN work as the Season 3 protagonist

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Recently I've been seeing the dispute of who the protagonist of Season Three should be. I'm rather surprised how polarized it was actually. I thought most people loved playing as Clementine. But it would seem a fair share of users don't want her to return as the protagonist. This actually puts Telltale in a difficult situation too. Because not matter what, they can't satisfy a large number of the community because at the end of the day... that's almost impossible.

I'm with the camp that thinks Clem should stay. And why? Because of her potential. She's only eleven years old and look how far she's come already. I want to see her develop throughout the series. Heck Season Two itself has felt somewhat like the origin of her true potential in a sense. Because at the end of the day, I think that the Telltale The Walking Dead series IS Clementine's story. Despite her not being the protagonist of the first season.

Anyway, here's what I THINK will happen. Nearly all the characters from Season Two will die EXCEPT Clementine and Rebecca's baby. She'll get to safety for a short while. Flash forward a few years and the third season can have a symbolic resemblance to the first Season wherein the main protagonist is trying to protect a child. Only this time around it's Clem trying to protect Rebecca's. I think this could work really well if Telltale manage to pull it off right, I know I left a good few blanks here and there, but I think you guys can get the idea on how I would want the third season to go.

And in regards to a brand new protagonist... I'm sorry, but I don't think it would work. You always feel more personally bonded with the characters from the original Macon group. Not trying to say that the new characters are not relatable (far from it, I loved Nick and Mike) but I just don't see the purpose of focusing on a new character and calling it "The Walking Dead Season Three". The story is more personal to you, the player when you see the one character who's been around since day 1. Remember when Clem told Luke about Lee? That felt personal, because it was actually delving into your personal history. When Jane was telling her story you could see where she's coming from but you don't know what it was like for her. You're more emotionally upset remembering things of the past. AKA: The story being more personal. And I think that if we were to transition to a new character this late in the timeline it simply wouldn't work. You would have to restart the series timeline and establish a new main character if that was the case. And I still don't think that would work too well since it wouldn't really feel like a number "3". You would might as well start the series over if that's the case.

tl;dr: Clem can still work as the protagonist IF Telltale change her up a bit. Heck I loved playing as her in Season Two and I want to see where her character goes from here. And I want to be part of her journey every step of the way.

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    AmazingAura01 BANNED

    I love playing as Clementine, but I don't want to play as her in the next seasons. I want to interact with her in hubs, do puzzles with her, stuff like that.

    • Really? How could you? No, I mean it serious. I couldn't. It may sound stupid, but by now, it's my Clem. In the first Season, you are a Father-Figure for her, you have a big influence in her personality, you protect her and have a deep connection to her. In Season 2, you play her, you are Clem, you act as Clem, you feel as Clem, you make the decisions for Clem. My Clem may be different than yours, do things differently, say things differently. She may be scared, silent or brave. It's up to the player. How then can we suddenly find her and have no control over her in Season 3? How stupid would it be for a player to speak with her and suddenly she has a completely different personality then how you played her in Season 2? And after Season 1 and 2, I doubt a new Protagonist could create a deep Bond with her, and me and many other, I am sure the Majority, would hate having her as a boring standard NPC.

      So no, IF Season 3 should have a new Protagonist, it would have to be without Clem, and a TT's TWD without Clem... Nah, wouldn't work :D .

  • I want to play as Clementine in season 3 but im not completely against the idea of a new protagonist. The only thing I'm worried about is if she'd act out of character of the Clem you've been in season 2.

  • I agree with you. I can't see her as someone else than protagonist because everyone played in diffrent ways. Some players loved sassy Clem, others more like her from season 1, others muted etc. I mean it'd be hard for Telltale to create this character for season 3 if she won't be a protagonist. For those who are saying that we could start with new character and new group - yes it's pretty stupid. What's the point of season 1 and 2 if we'll play in season 3 as new person? It'd be like abandoning Rick's group from comics and TV Show. I simply don't see this happening.

    In any case Telltale won't tell us who will be main character right now because it'd spoil the end of season 2. I think that it'll be Clementine but Telltale can't say that because everyone would be like "Oh great! She'll survive!" and not like "Oh my... I wonder what will happened to Clementine and the others...".

    • I agree. I don't see the point in having season 1 with Clem and season 2 playing as Clem. Just for her to not appear in the 3rd season. It would seem pointless making all these choices and witnessing all these events just for season 3 to have a new character.

  • I loved season 2 and would buy season 3 if Clem is protagonist but i would much rather have a new protagonist to get to learn and care about I myself personally feel Clems story has run its course.Now its just my opinion I realize alot of people don't feel this way but i personally want a new protagonist.

    (Cue the downvotes just because I stated my opinion)

    • Well... there is a lot of directions that Telltale can choose for Clementine. For example we could end up in Wellington and Clementine could live there for like, I don't know, few months? Maybe even year? That would be time skip for season 3. During this time she wouldn't need her survival skills because she could live in the big community but after this time something might happened that will require from Clem to try and survive again in some way.

      But... I guess we will see. Not everyone liked the idea of Clementine as protagonist in season 2 before it was released so I think Telltale will do whatever will be needed for their story. If they'll want to keep Clem as protagonist they'll do it. If they'll create new character that's fine but for me it wouldn't be the same. :D

      • That's a good idea we can have a villan like Negan in the comics and he attacks Wellington

        • Maybe not. Not only humans must be a threat to Wellington. It could be attacked by a herd of hungry animals or a disease or maybe even mother nature. I was simply talking about every major event that could somehow endanger Wellington or even destroy it. In any case Clementine after a long time would be forced to survive again, (based on the story) she would either leave Wellington because it could be too dangerous to be there or try to help people there and make it better again.

    • (Cue the downvotes just because I stated my opinion)

      In my experience, that does the opposite of stopping them.

    • OMG, how I hate people like you. Not because you stated your Opinion, even if I don't agree with it, I respect it, but because you are one of those that just because they know they have an unpopular opinion, they begin hating on the votes because they are afraid of downvotes...

      I can't believe people still don't get the purpose of Votes... They are there to show people if you AGREE WITH THEM OR NOT. That's the purpose. You stated you Opinion, I don't agree with you, and to show you and other that I downvoted your post. That's it. That's the function of Votes.

      I mean, seriously, what do people like you think the purpose of votes are? To look pretty? Why, just why? And why do you care so much that you get downvoted? Do you have such a low self esteem?

  • I'm 100% with you! There is still so much potential in Clem. So many lines she haven't had to cross yet. If Clem survives Ep5, she has to stay the PC.

    I can't see her as a deuteragonist. Because to me, Clem is the Walking Dead Game. Playing as someone else wouldn't work. We know her too well.

    If we were to play as someone completely new, then that character wouldn't know Clem, and we couldn't interact with her in a way we'd want to, because we know her so well! The only other option is to play as a Character we already know. And there are not that many left. The only one I can see as possible PC would be Luke. Kenny is way to developted to become the PC. And all other characters haven't been with Clem the hole time and wouldn't actually know what she's been through. I don't know... the way it is know, I can only see Clem as PC for Season 3. I'm actually hoping for some kind of cliffhanger at the end of Ep5. I don't want another year-long stimeskip, if we keep playing as her.

    But no matter what we are thinking about. Telltale wouldn't have announced Season 3 without having an idea about the story. So I guess they already know who we're goning to play as :D

  • As I've said on other threads in season 3 I would be fine with Clem as the protagonist, but I would like to see Clem as the side character for a season,whose attitude will depend on our choices in seasons 1 and 2, so we can have a nicer, friendlier Clem or a Cold Survivalist Clem, Opinions?

    • I dunno if that would work though. I play Clem as a friendly person and she cares about the people in her group but occasionally she'll do bad things like watch Carver die and take Arvo's supplies. I think she's more of a complicated character than just friendly Clem or Cold Clem.

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    17/10 would agree again.

  • i don't know why some people want a new protagonist for the 3rd season.I' m loving it to play as Clem and I know there is a lot of potetial for her story. I don't want a game like the thousand other games which are on the market and Clementines story is something new and very special.

  • Maybe if they don't want Clem as the protagonist, we could be a new group member of sorts that joins her group two years after the end of Season 2 [alligned with the comic timeline], and we get to see how our choices have affected her personality,whether she will be difficult to deal with, distrusting, etc.

    If you left Sarah behind, she'd leave you behind if you got hurt, if you saved Sarah, Clem would try to save you if you got in trouble. If she chose Kenny at EP5 , she'd be a bit hot-headed and distrustful,if you chose Luke, she'd be a bit calmer and more trusting, maybe to a fault.

    Stuff like that, you know?

    It would be cool, to me.

    • Yeah I think it would be cool if we played as Eddie also and he joins the group

    • Yeah but if Clem left the character you was playing as, You might not like Clem as much.

      • If you raised your Clem to be distrustful or an extreme survivalist you'd be the only one to blame for her behavior.

        Like I said as an example, if the new main character got a leg busted or something in the middle of a fight, depending on how you raised Clem she could just leave you behind to fend for yourself instead of coming back to help you. Some people might not like her attitude, but guess what, you're the one that made her this way in Season two. It would be a cool way for players to see how their choices affected her in the future.

  • Agree but your title implies that Clem as a protagonist in Season 2 didn't work at all.

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