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Will Clem forgive Luke?

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Do you think Clem will forgive Luke for cheating on her with Jane?

  • Cheating on her ?

  • WTF, Troll.... Cluke is disgusting and at Clems age thats basically rape.... Really, Cheating? Edit: Oh I just noticed Ben Paul posted this, ShitBird.....

    • What has benpaul done in the past that labels him a troll, im just curious :)

    • Don't make me call you a fucking idiot..don't make me.don't make me..don't MAKE ME, alriightie then. YOU FUCKING IDIOT.

      Do you even know the definition of rape?

      • Please dont Call me an idiot when you are one yourself, look at my other comment in this thread then you will see what a dumbass You are. I am aware of the definition of rape and cluke is rape. What i was asking saltlick before you very rudely interrupted, was if benpaul has been trolling before this post, since he seems to have a history with him.

        Lesson learned: read all comments before posting and dont throw stones when you live in a glass house

      • Web Head, is your post directed at Saltlick123? If not, ignore my post.

        Clementine is 11, Luke is in his early to mid 20, that would make intercourse between them too a pedophile act, and that is rape. Because a child (!!!) at that age can't, and shouldn't, estimate sex. Sexual acts between children is normal and common, to a certain extent. Having sex with a child as an adult, however, is rape. Because a child cannot willingly agree. It just doesn't know what sex means. I really hope I don't have to explain to you why.

        Sex with children is one of those very few things where I can't tolerate any other opinion than that it is sick, disgusting rape no child ever wants.

        (Edit: Am I the only one who finds the TT_Forum sometimes confusing :) ? Anyway, Web Head, if your post really wasn't directed at Saltlick123, one still can see my post as a description why putting Clem romantically together with Luke is wrong.)

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    vixvicco BANNED

    LOL maybe if she was older she could feel jealous or cheated on.

  • For dropping her?


    • People will never let that go unpunished it seems.

      • Luke broke her heart when he did that...


        • He also probably opened up the wound even more and that could've gotten the cut infected.

          But since Luke is "hot" it's alright, he can make mistakes.

          But Kenny yells at you and Luke Fans pull stupid BS. But if Kenny was like Luke and he was "hot", you wouldn't see people complaining.

          • Oh dear, do we have another 1-character obsessive here? Can't have flawed characters here, no, one guy has to be perfect while his rival is a demon.

            I was joking. Luke's a good-natured kid who makes dumb mistakes. Him freaking out over Clem is quickly remedied by the fact that he continually stands up for her while the rest of his group goes hysterical and tries to earn her trust after she's allowed into the house.

  • Not anymore of this cluke shit please spare me

  • I can't tell if you're being serial or just being funny.

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    OzzyUK Moderator

    Luke and Clementine are not in a relationship so he can't cheat on her, "Cluke" will never happen.

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