My reaction to finishing TWAU.

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Just finished TWAU and loved it. Very impressed! Especially during the final Bloody Mary battle when Bigby completely wolfed out.

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I was extremely disappointed throughout most of the game with his werewolf form because he looked like an ugly troll, and not a werewolf. I did find it cool, though. Anyway, I gasped when he turned into that giant wolf (which I found adorable by the way even though he was supposed to look threatening!) All of my disappointment was thrown out the window. Violently. I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT.

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Wolves are my favorite animal, so I played it for two reasons: wolves, and The Walking Dead. I am a nerd. I finally distracted myself waiting from waiting for the next Walking Dead episode, and now I feel more patient, and it's less painful. But at first, the other reason wasn't satisfied. In the end, both reasons were satisfied. IT WAS AMAZING. I found myself saying "WOW" throughout most of the game. And for some reason I found the Jersey devil to be really cool looking.

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Anyway now to get to the point. Bloody Mary. I don't know why, but I didn't find her scary. I mean yeah, she was. If I saw her in real life I'd faint. But, really, she isn't that scary. The reason for this, I believe, was because of her hair. I know, ridiculous. But, it was just too neat and it had a red streak and it wasn't what I expected. I expect Bloody Mary to look like the girl from the ring, you know? Still a cool character, though. Very creepy, especially because of the broken glass sound when she walked and the sounds she made.

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I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this game to people who haven't played it yet. Well, even though this is under a spoiler filter.

Stop reading this and go play it.

We're all entitled to our own opinions. So, what are yours?

*EDIT I forgot to mention: the second time I heard "my lips are sealed" from Faith in the beginning, I knew it was a spell. I felt very smart. I LOVED GUESSING WHAT WOULD HAPPEN NEXT AND MAKING UP MY OWN PERSONAL THEORIES.



  • Game was very good. I hope for more, but whatever is ok.

  • Better than The Walking Dead Season 1 in my opinion! And that's saying a lot! I LOVE TWAU and I'm excited what telltale can do next with it! :D

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    Glad you enjoyed the game like the rest of us! It was really fun and I hope they continue this series somehow.

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    Heh, I still remember when I first heard the premise about the game..."A game about fairy tales?! Are they insane?" I also remember just how blown away I was when I finished the first episode. Needless to say, there is no doubt in my mind that whatever Telltale will make from now will be a great game! If you would've told me last year that I would've enjoyed a game about fables, I'd laugh in your face.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the game and had as much fun as we did:). I hope they have plans for a second season.

  • Bloody Mary is very pretty.

  • I'm Team Bufkin, just sayin. Colins too much of a pig :P

    Personally, I'm still swooning over Colin.

  • Personally, I'm still swooning over Colin.

    Bloody Mary is very pretty.

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    I had a friend that told me about this game. I'm not much for fairytales, so I ignored his comments until I signed on to xbox live, noticed the advertisment and thought, 'eh, why not' I'm glad I played TWAU now. :)

    I opened up doors to a whole new world, started reading the Fables comic because of the game and grew attached to characters like Bloody Mary, Jersey Devil and Georgie Porgie. Hopefully, we get a season 2!

  • My favorite scene of the episode was the Bloody Mary fight. I know Im not alone there but seeing Bigby wolf out and chomp BM into pieces, was just the stuff of dreams.

  • I Just Love It!! God, I just want "The Wolf Among Us Sesion 2" pls!

  • Helluva lot better than The Walking Dead Season 2 IMO. It's just so damn cool seeing all these fables, legends, myths, etc living among us. The fight scenes are way better here too, considering that these characters are massive fables that can take major beatings. The one thing that made this game a lot better for me was Bloody Mary's character. She was so damn cool, sly, and intimidating. Just an overall A-mazing character to me. My childhood nightmare turning into my favorite game character of all time? Fuckin crazy if you ask me! I loved every second of this game, and sure as hell hope to see more from it in the future!

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