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Who would you pick? Kenny or Luke? Why?

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If the game puts you in a situation where you have to pick either Luke or Kenny (like killing one of them), what would you do? Who would you choose? Why?

  • Nick is already dead, what are you talking about, OP?

    I would kill Luke if it was either him or Kenny. My reason for that is the fact that I played my current save as pro-Kenny since S1E1, and it is mostly for the sake of being consistent. And I like Kenny a bit more as a character.

  • Honestly Luke. After seeing just how unstable he is, I don't think Clem would be very safe with Kenny.

    • I would honestly prefer kenny cuz he's one though bastard and he helped lee in season 1,(besides that scene on the train), and i know he has an awful temper when someone disagrees with him, but i mean c'mon i will remember kenny as that guy who did his best trying to help others in need, and another reason i would pick luke over kenny is because luke kinda panicks when hes in a tight situation and kenny always tries to do smthg even if he comes up with a stupid idea, but i apreciate that he tries to help the group, and i also know that he was preety mean to clem in ep.4 for no reason but he just lost his girlfriend and in season 1, completly lost it after his wife and son's death, so im taking kenny's side, no matter what hes a good guy.

  • Such a unique thread...

    anyways, Kenny because Kenny.

  • Kenny because of beard

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    Cope49 BANNED

    So...there is't anything else to make a post about?

  • At this point, both of them are getting on my nerves. I would rather have them make a Bonnie/Mike one, which in my opinion would be harder for me to choose.

  • Clementine. Or Christa. Or Sarah. Or Bonnie and Mike. Or Jane. Or Sarita. Or Rebecca.

    Honestly, the forced dynamic between these two is one of the most annoying things about Season 2 because of the other potentially interesting relationships that get ground up in the process. I have a gnawing feeling that we'll be stuck with just these two bickering idiots and the baby for the remainder of Episode 5, and the only difficulty would be deciding who I care less about.

    To seriously answer the question, I'd go with Luke. He's a brave, compassionate man who's stupidly hard on himself, tries and fails to retain his morality even when it's impractical, and made the mistake of taking a few minutes to forget his pain at the worst possible moment. He's never taken his anger out directly on Clementine, and indeed seems to respect her as an equal rather than a mere child. He's definitely losing it as well, but seems more manageable than the proto-Carver transformation that Kenny seems to be undergoing.

    • I think you said it all for me. Now I'm not a Kenny hater, but I do like this reasoning.

      • I'm not a 'fan' of any character. I'm just honestly pointing out that both Luke & Kenny are revealing themselves to be well-intentioned, strong but ultimately flawed men. I think it's natural for Clem and the player to question whether she really is better off without them, and Episode 5 will answer that.

        I'd still go with Christa over those two.

        • She better come back!

        • I'd still go with Christa over those two.

          Christa knows how to survive, and was able to help Clem survive for 16 months, yes. But Clem seemed to be pretty darn miserable with her, no offense to Christa. I'd hope Luke would be a better emotional support for Clem, though he hasn't proven himself the last couple episodes. In short, as they've said in the show and comics I'm sure, Clem would be surviving with Christa but I think she'd hopefully be living with Luke.

          • Nice way to put it. Ideally, he'd probably make a good companion for Christa - he's a fit and kind man, and Christa's calm pragmatism would mesh much better with his attitude than Kenny's antagonism.

  • They are kind of both being jerks now, but I would choose Kenny because he's been with us since the start, he's not perfect but I feel like he would go further to protect Clem, and it seems like the relationship between Luke and Clem is weak or gone now....

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      JPAssini BANNED

      For me it feels like Clem and Luke would make the best partners ever (not making any reference to Cluke or anything), do you see how they made it out at the bridge in A HOUSE DIVIDED?Just magnificent..

      • Yeah, but I'm talking about now, Clem can take his side but they don't have that same brother-sister relationship they had before.. and.I just don't think Luke would risk his life for Clem, but we'll see how episode 5 turns out...

  • Neither.

    Bonnie, Mike, and Christa FTW.

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