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What GROUP Will YOU be in 'The Walking Dead' (Vote for next Quiz)

posted by Carley123 on - last edited - Viewed by 4.4K users

You may have seen my other quiz threads I've been making Twd and a Twau quizzes and they have gotten great feedback. Anyways I've made another one that was a suggested and voted on. About 45 (40%) of you voted for me to make a Quiz on 'What group will you be in?' so here it is! :D What group will you be in? Will you join the bandits? Chill with Clem in Parkers Run? Or become friends with Lee in the pharmacy store?

Take the quiz HERE!!!!

Vote HERE!!!

And put in the comments below what group you got. (I'll be adding more questions shortly)

I got Moonstar Lodge group :D

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