• I distracted the scavengers- Why wouldn't I save Christa? She is the only other S1 survivor left, besides Kenny, and maybe Lilly.

    I put Sam out of his misery- I felt bad for him, he was just a dog that turned feral, probably like all the other dogs.

    I accepted Nick's apology- He seemed like a nice guy, and I understood why he felt that Clem was a threat.

    I didn't give water to Victor- I didn't give him water because he tried to rob Christa

    I saved Pete- I liked Pete better at the time. And I played this back when it was first released.

    I took the blame for Sarah's Photo- She's just a kid. And she's been sheltered. She didn't need to get in trouble for a stupid picture.

    I sat with Kenny at dinner- Yeah, Clem hasn't seen Kenny in over 2 years, and Clem has only known Luke for about 6 days.

    I told Walter the truth- I liked Nick. I knew that this choice would end up being a big impact. It sort of was...until Ep3 and 4.

    I surrended ourselves. - I didn't want Carlos to die. I couldn't risk it. I thought that Carlos could die based on your actions because Nick can as well, so I decied to surrender.

    I did my own work- I can't help her all the time.

    I tried to help Kenny- He was getting beaten up. Why would I just restrain Sarita??

    I told Bonnie the truth- I could tell she was a good person, so I trusted her.

    I watched Carver die- I didn't expect him to die so soon, but I watched him die because he deserved to die. I did enjoy it.

    I cut Sarita's arm off - it wasn't a very good choice if it meant saving her life, but I kinda panicked.

    I saved Sarah- Carlos' death would be meaningless if she died back at the trailer park.. oh and yeah, she dies later on anyways.

    I told Bonnie to crawl in - Seriously? Does Clem have to do everything?

    I held the baby- I did. I suppose it would be a nice thing to do.

    I shot Rebecca- I didn't want to do it, cause I like Rebecca. But it had to be done.

  • I protected Christa because she protected me.

    I killed Sam out of mercy.

    I forgave Nick.

    I denied Victor his last drink.

    I helped Nick to show that I trusted him.

    I took Sarah's photograph.

    I sat with Luke because he stood up for me. [Clem would recall Kenny as a loud, scary drunk who killed Lilly's dad and wanted to leave Ben to die.]

    I told the truth because Lee would want me to.

    I surrendered because I didn't want Sarah to lose her father too.

    I helped Sarah because she was my friend.

    I tried to help Kenny because he was protecting me.

    I trusted Bonnie because she was nice.

    I accused Carver of losing his radio to troll him.

    I watched Carver die because I hated him.

    I cut Sarita's arm off because Reggie lived, and Lee could have too if he had cut his arm off faster.

    I saved Sarah because she deserved a chance.

    I spared Arvo because I hate scavengers.

    I crawled into the booth because I thought I was small enough.

    I held the baby because I love children and I never got to hold Christa's.

    I called for help because I didn't want to start the shooting.

  • I distracted the scavengers, Had to help Christa, I didn't want to lose the only person I trusted. I killed the dog, he was going to die any way so might as well. I didn't accept Nick's apology, almost killed Clementine the idiot. I gave water to Victor, I was trying to coax some information out of him also. I helped Pete, Didn't trust Nick, Pete was the one I appealed to him earlier for help, he spoke up for Clementine. I knew he was a good guy so I wanted to help him like he tried to help me. I blamed Sarah for the photo, I didn't take it, she did. Wasn't Clem's fault Carver found out that Carlos' group were there she did an awesome job of lying until he found that picture. I sat with Kenny at dinner, who else would I want to sit with? People I've known for a few days or someone I thought was dead. Of course I sat with him. I told Walter the truth, Nick messed up really badly but he had good intentions though it cost a man his life. I went and found Kenny, I wasn't staying there and I thought I could do something to help him free the hostages, Alvin lived when we surrendered. I chose to do Clementines chores. Many times already I've told Sarah to grow up and get her shit together already. I stood back and watched Kenny be beaten, what could I do? Clementines just a little girl. She's good at soem things but not fighting adults. I lied to Bonnie, She deceived me, I didn't trust her. I made Clementine watch Carver die, he deserved it and she's seen enough already to know that bad men like him need are better off dead than alive. I cut Sarita's arm off, then axed her face. Kenny was mad, but in the middle of that horde. I did the right thing. I slapped the shit out of Sarah, she needed a shock to counteract the shock we was going through. I went though the hole, reliving the old days like Lee used to do. Good thing Lee #2 Mike was there to save Clementine. I held the baby, there is still some good things in the world. I shot Rebecca, I couldn't let her kill her baby. She wouldn't have wanted that. I do regret it though because my shot is likely what started the shoot-out at the end.

  • Episode 1:

    Saved Christa - She had been caring for Clem for months up until Omid was killed, which devastated her, after this you can tell she resents Clementine's presence for indirectly causing Omid's death, yet she still protects Clem and teaches her survival skills. I wasn't going to let her keep the scavengers distracted while I made my escape.

    Killed Sam - He bit Clementine because he was starving. He saw her reaching for the can and probably thought he wasn't going to get any more. He wasn't an evil killer dog, and I couldn't let him suffer.

    Accepted Nick's apology - I could tell Nick wasn't a bad person, and I especially liked the information Luke gave afterwards about Nick's mom dying and how similar that situation was to Clementine's, so I completely understood.

    Refused to give water to the dying man - I knew something bad happened to Christa, and I wasn't about to give the guy water until he told me what happened.

    Saved Pete - Nick had ammo and could get away, Pete didn't, and even though he was bitten it had just happened so I thought I could help.

    Episode 2:

    Took blame for Sarah's photo - I took the picture, so I owned up to it.

    Sat with Kenny at dinner - I hadn't seen Kenny in forever, so I wanted to talk to him. I knew Luke would understand.

    Told Walter the truth about Matthew - I knew hiding it would eventually lead to a much bigger problem.

    Convinced Walter to forgive Nick - Nick's a good guy, he was trying to protect Clem and Luke even though he seriously fucked up in doing so, and I told Walter that.

    Surrendered to Carver - I thought Kenny and Luke could handle themselves, and I didn't want to risk Carver killing Carlos.

    Episode 3:

    Helped Sarah with her chores - I actually thought that if I didn't help her, she wouldn't do her work, and Carver would come in telling Reggie he fucked up, I had already screwed him over earlier by messing with the gate, so I didn't want to do that to him again. But alas. :[

    Told Bonnie about Luke - I liked Bonnie and could tell she didn't really like what was happening with Carver, so I trusted her with the fact that I had the walkie.

    Tried to hide the theft of the walkie-talkie - I chose to say "I found it" rather than "I have it", I didn't really think Carver would believe that I just found it, but you know, I didn't really want to completely own up to it, and I couldn't just keep it hidden, because I thought Carver might fucking kill Luke or something. Who the hell knows what "make things more difficult" means?

    Watched Kenny kill Carver - I honestly just wanted to see if he actually kills him, I thought if I didn't watch, I'd miss something and Carver would reappear later. Other than that, I wanted to stick with Kenny and show him how tough Clem was.

    Chopped off Sarita's arm - No shit I cut her arm off, if I hadn't I knew she'd get out, and by then it would be too late to amputate her hand, and she'd die, and Kenny'd be mad because I didn't cut her damn arm off. Then Episode 4 happened, and, well, shit.

    Episode 4:

    Saved Sarah - I knew that, the way Sarah was, and how her father hadn't taught her how to survive in this world, she would probably never get over Carlos's death. I still didn't want her to die there, though, I'd feel too bad, I liked Carlos and having no part of him left was a sad thought. (On a side note, I was really thinking it would be a cool touch if, when you smacked her, it brought back memories of her dad hitting her, and she lost it, thinking you were Carlos and calling you "daddy" and shit.)

    Robbed Arvo - Okay, so I robbed Arvo, not to be a dick or because I didn't trust him, but I robbed him because we had two (Luke and Kenny) injured and one pregnant member of our group, and I really thought we needed these meds more than he did. Back in Season 1 Episode 2, I chose to take the supplies from the car because we really needed it, we had more people in our group than in that car. I thought Clem would think back to that, and decide that this had to be done.

    Crawled through the ticket booth - I was the smallest, and Mike couldn't kick the door down because it would make too much noise, so sure.

    Held the baby - Why the fuck not? "No, that baby stink." Nah. Unless you hated Rebecca, why not?

    Shot Rebecca - It was in the heat of the moment, Rebecca had turned and I didn't want to see a baby get eaten, even though that probably would have stopped everyone's arguing pretty damn quick.

    1. I distracted the bandits. I wasn't just going to leave her to die. She looked out for Clem for a long time.
    2. Killed Sam. I didn't want him to suffer.
    3. Accepted Nicks apology. I didn't know him, he cold have normally been nice. Guess I was correct.
    4. Gave Victor the water. I thought if I gave him the water he would tell me what they did to Christa. Not sure if I would have given him the water if I knew he wouldn't tell me.
    5. Went with Nick. He wasn't bit and had ammo. Pete was bit and didn't have ammo. I figured I'd be safer with Nick.
    6. I didn't take the blame. I didn't take the picture, so I just stayed silent. Sorry Sarah.
    7. I sat with Luke. I didn't really consider it sitting with Luke, I thought of it as sitting with my group. I figured they would want to discuss something. Turns out I was right.
    8. Told Walter the truth. It would be worse if he knew I was lying, plus he deserved to know.
    9. Convinced Walter to forgive Nick. I liked Nick, plus saying he was bad would only make matters worse.
    10. Surrendered. I didn't want Carver to kill Carlos.
    11. Helped Sarah with her chores. We were friends, plus I didn't want her to get in trouble.
    12. I didn't tell Bonnie about Luke. I wasn't sure if I could trust her yet. I thought she might tell Carver in an attempt to make us not die in the escape or something.
    13. I didn't admit to stealing the walkie-talkie. I said that I found it.
    14. I watched Kenny kill Carver. I didn't know Rebecca was staying, and I didn't want Kenny to be alone in case something happened to him. When I realized Rebecca was staying I wanted to leave, but I couldn't at that point.
    15. I cut off Sarita's arm. I thought I could save her.
    16. I Saved Sarah. We were friends, plus you shouldn't leave someone behind unless they try to murder you or something.
    17. I didn't rob Arvo.It was his medicine, and he needed it too. I talked to him too fast, so I didn't see him try to put it in the trash. I don't know seeing that would have affected my choice
    18. Had Bonnie reach in. I told them to try the door again. I would have went through, I just wanted to make sure that the door didn't just get stuck or something. Then Bonnie just reached in. Oh well.
    19. Held the baby. Didn't see a reason not too, plus it seemed like it would have been a cute scene, which it was.
    20. Yelled for help. I didn't want to just shoot her. I thought maybe the group could help kill her.
  • Episode 1:

    Distracted the scavengers - Christa is my friend. She protected Clem for a long time and I just couldn't leave her like this.

    Killed Sam - He bit me just because he was hungry. You can't expect something else from a dog. I didn't want to let him suffer. It was painful to see his convulsions.

    Accepted Nick's apology - I understood him. We all do mistakes sometimes. He didn't do anything that bad to not forgive him.

    Gave the water to dying man - I thought he would tell me something if I give him the water.

    Saved Pete - Pete was just a man that I couldn't leave behind. Even though he was bitten, I wanted to give him a chance.

    Episode 2:

    Didn't take the blame - Sarah took a selfie. It's fair to admit that I wasn't involved in this and it wasn't my fault.

    Sat with Kenny - I was very happy to see him again! I wanted to discuss everything with him. I sat with him without hesitation.

    Told Walter the truth - Simply because this guy deserved it.

    Told him that Nick is a good man - Because he is a good man. Yes, Nick fucked up. But I didn't blame him.

    Went to find Kenny and Luke - You should never give up! If I have a chance, I take it. Nothing else to say.

    Episode 3:

    Helped Sarah - It was hard for me to see her like this. She was devastated. I wanted to cheer her up and help her.

    Told Bonnie about Luke - I'm not a trustful person and it was a very hard decision for me. I don't know why I even chose to so it, I just felt that Bonnie is the person that you can tell the truth. I was worried that I just screwed up, but then she proved herself as a trustworthy woman, so I'm glad I picked that option.

    Tried to hide the theft - I said that Carver must've dropped his radio somewhere. The decision was so fats, I couldn't just think it through! I panicked and I was afraid that Carver will do something bad to me if I take the blame, so I decided to give a neutral answer.

    Didn't watch Kenny killing Carver - I chose this without the hesitation. My Clementine won't satisfy by watching someone's skull being bashed in, even if it was the skull of someone she hates. Clem is enough tough already. Eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. There's no reason to watch this mess.

    Chopped off Sarita's arm - I read the comics where amputation is a very common way to save people. One guy had his arm chopped off up in a middle of a battle with another community, so I thought that it will work here too. But after I thought about it, I decided that it was a bad decision.

    Episode 4:

    Saved Sarah - She's my friend and I don't leave friends behind. I always helped her and tried to carry her out of her depression after Carlos' death. What Jane spoke made sense, but I simply couldn't abandon her like this. You must fight till the end, you must help till the end!

    Didn't rob Arvo - I stole the supplies from a car in Season 1, but this time it was different. It wasn't a theft, it was a robbery. I would never threaten someone with a gun and take his supplies. It's so etching low for me. He looked weak and scared. I didn't want to take his last chance.

    Crawled through the ticket booth - It made sense. Clementine was enough small to fit in. It sounded like a good plan for me.

    Held the baby - Is this even a choice?

    Called for help - I wasn't sure what to do and I didn't want to start the shooting. I thought it will only make everything worse, but yeah...

  • I distracted the scavengers- As OP said, Christa has been keeping Clem safe, and I felt bad that Omid got shot indirectly because of Clem.

    I put Sam out of his misery- He acted like all starving animals do, it would have been cruel to just leave him there to bleed out or be eaten by walkers.

    I accepted Nick's apology- At first I didn't, but when I thought about the situation he was in and how much everybody was panicking because they thought Clem was from Carver's group, I went back and forgave him. Just like on the bridge, he wanted to protect his friends.

    I didn't give water to Victor- His group got Clem and Christa separated, and the guy barely spoke English so I doubted he could tell me anything useful.

    I saved Pete- UNCLE PETE WAS THE MAN.

    I didn't take the blame for Sarah's Photo- I told her it wasn't a good idea, and Sarah knew that someone was after them, so the fact that she didn't really think about the consequences irritated me. Girl is 15 years old, she's capable of at least a small amount of foresight.

    Told Walter the truth- Nick had good intentions, and he showed remorse for his mistake. And Walter was kinda freaking me out with how quiet he was. He probably would've hurt somebody if I lied.

    I sat with Kenny at dinner- Kenny always had Lee's back in season 1, and I trusted him a lot more than a group of people I just met a couple days ago.

    I left to find Kenny- He and Clem were just reunited, I didn't want to separate them again. I also knew he had a gun, so he could help me out.

    I didn't help Sarah with her chores- Trimming leaves is not that difficult. I still cannot fathom why she wasn't able to do it by herself.

    I didn't try to hide the theft- Carver was going to find out either way.

    I tried to help Kenny- He took the fall for Clem, at least this way he could see that I appreciated that and cared whether he got hurt or not.

    I didn't tell Bonnie the truth- She seemed pretty fickle in who she was loyal to. She was originally supposed to escape with the cabin group but backed out. Didn't want to risk a repeat.

    I watched Carver die- He deserved it, I wanted to watch him suffer after everything he did to Clem and the group.

    I cut Sarita's arm off- I didn't want the infection to spread, I didn't take into account that we were in the middle of a herd of walkers. Mistake on my part.

    I didn't save Sarah- I honestly didn't think she would come with me if I slapped her. She just wanted to be with her Dad, she didn't even seem like she was present. And judging from the walk throughs I've watched where they save her, Sarah had already died with her father. At least they're together now.

    I robbed Arvo- Our group needed those meds desperately, I felt bad about it but it was necessary. In the world they live in, human kindness is unlikely to get you anywhere, it's kill or be killed.

    I went through the ticket booth- I didn't really want to, but I figured I should make myself useful.

    I held the baby- I love babies, and it's highly unlikely Clem will ever get the chance again. I have a feeling the Russians are going to take him.:(

    I didn't shoot Rebecca- I wanted to save the baby, but I didn't want to cause everybody else to open fire. Thank God Kenny saved the baby, but who knows who got killed/injured because of it. I'm very worried.

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