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$20 bucks for this??!!!

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I am so angry right now I could spit. Yes, the game graphics are great. Yes, the story line is intresting. No, not on your life is it worth $20 bucks. Nowhere in the pre purchase game synopsis does it say that this is the first in a series of "chapters" of this game. Chapters that you will be expected to buy later. So- maybe if there are 6 chapters that each last 1 1/2 hours and cost $20 I could spend $120 bucks and play for 9 hours-- spectacular. Count me out, I've already wasted enough of my money...
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  • It took me about 5 hours to play through it, but I didn't blaze through it like it was some kind of race. You can't have bought this game on a whim, right? Surely you did a couple minute's research on this game before you paid money for it online, right? If you did, you probably would have quickly discovered how short it was for many people. There are also articles about the game or even reviews that you can find on major gaming sites. You might also have found that there was a discount code for the game to give you 15% off (only three dollars, but it's something). All of that could have been found out just browsing through the titles of a few of the threads on this forum. Since the game was first announced, it was known that this game is just one chapter in a series, so that should only be a surprise for people who squeezed their eyes shut, stuck their fingers in their ears and shouted "La la la!!!" while purchasing the game. And if you would bother to read more of the threads, or some of the interviews at other gaming sites like, you find out that the next chapter is going to be longer, because Telltale is listening to fan feedback.

    On the other hand, yes, I agree it was short for $20. I'm just saying I can't see this as coming as a surprise to anybody who could take it upon themself to use the internet for just a minute or two to check out a review on a game site so they could make an educated purchase.
  • Hopefully the next one is hard enough it will take a month just to solve the puzzles. Like I have said in a bunch of my posts before. I can remember MI and MI2 in the days before the internet. I would get stuck on a problem in the game and not know how to solve it. Go play x-wing for a week while I pondered it and then came back with a solution. Ok well maybe it didn't take that long but I do remember getting stuck sometimes and it helped the game to last longer. It also felt more rewarding when I actually did figure out the correct solution.

    I think with every product it will take time to find the right price for content ratio.
  • I did the same thing, except I almost never came back with a correct solution. I'd continue where I left off more clueless than ever, but not as frustrated. And after about five or ten minutes of playing, I would have seen something I missed or tried something that was so obvious that I dismissed it beforehand because I never thought it would work in the first place, and I'd be able to progress through the story.
  • I think the proper price for episode 1 should be 12.99 and texas holdem should drop down to 9.99
  • I saw a boxed version of Telltale Texas Hold'em at Best Buy for $9.99. Actually, I bought it, too, to give to my grandmother for Christmas.
  • Wha?
    I'll see if I can get a picture of it. My cell phone doesn't take very good photos, though...
  • Please post a picture!
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    Yeah, picture! Are you sure it was TELLTALE Texas Hold 'Em?
  • Sorry for the nasty image quality. The Treo 600 is not known for quality photography capabilities. Behold, Telltale Texas Hold'em, in a box! ("published by Destineer Publishing Corp. under it's Bold label." - from text on the underside of the box)



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