• I think it could be possible, as she really did warm up to clem but she didn't want to let down her guards to being vulnerable. So I wouldn't rule out the idea of her starting a family.

  • Since she rather tactlessly asked Rebecca if she wanted to abort her baby, I'm sure Jane's pragmatic enough to realize pregnancy will only make her reliant on others.

    I don't know about how available birth control supplies would be in the apocalypse, but I'm sure Jane's resourceful enough to find some.

  • I don't know whether it's irony, a change of heart or a simple lie, but in a dialogue option when you are going to find Luke & Sarah, Jane can actually say something along the lines of "No, I wouldn't want a baby." Not sure of the exact quote though.

  • (Jane and Luke having sex on the observation deck)

    Luke: "Oh yea...Good thing I'm wearing a Condom.."

    Jane: (Whispers in Luke's ear) "I poked a hole in it"

    Luke: WHAT!?

    Jane: I WANT A BABY LUKE, GIVE ME A BABY! (latches onto luke)


  • i think jane was just thirsty for the D

  • Nah, it was just relaxation sex. No way she wanted a baby. So it's either she found a condom, they didn't do the full monty, or their dirty talk consisted of:

    Jane: "Hey, remember what happened to Troy?"

    Luke: "Uh...yeah. Why are you--?"

    Jane: "Pull. Out. Got that?"

  • Look what I found...

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