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Something I'd love to see in E5

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We all know Clem's going to get blamed by someone whichever way we went during the gunfight, and I seriously hope it's a breaking point and she just snaps as they're standing their amidst the corpses and melts down on everyone. About how people (coughKennycoughLuke) have let her down and screwed up, how she carries the group more than anybody, sticks her neck out the most, keeps her problems to herself (and that there's barely anyone that cares about that) and tries to help everyone with theirs even though she's an eleven year old that's dying inside and barely got to experience the world before it went to hell.

My Clem's mad as hell and she's not gonna take it anymore, yo.

  • Bahaha it would be awesome if clem gave out a few home truths! They need to here it too!

  • Not to sound bossy telltale but..

    Alt text

  • I want a play through where my character just snaps on everyone.

    "Kenny, you're stupid and you need to stop blaming every one and you also need to stop yelling all the time."

    "Luke you need to stop acting weird all the time."

    "Mike keep doing what you're doing."

    "Bonnie, start being a person and stop being a background character."

    I would totally do this in a different play through.

    • I like to see the Russians running from clem and begging for mercy...which is weird to happen but looks cool...

      • Haha just imagine the bald one, Buricko, running away in fear of Clem.

        • Clem says: you think I'm just a kid??? Will see about that!!(Clem breaks his fingers like carver)
          Buricko says: don't look avro it will be alright ahhh!

        • Clem: You should have really thought about being nicer to me.

          Buricko: I'm sorry please, PLEASE don't kill me!

          Clem: Arvo said you called us pathetic, well whose about to lose their life to a 11 year old girl.

          Buricko: Take everthing! Please just don't kill me!

          Clem: Go on, you don't need to see this.

          Clem's group goes somewhere where they can't see what Clem is doing, but hears lots of screaming

          • Kenny- I'm not going anywhere.

            Clem and Buricko- It's gonna get messy.

            • Later:

              Luke talking to Kenny

              Luke: I look at Clem now, she seems broken.

              Kenny: Your wrong, she's just protecting us.

              Luke: I know, it's just that you watched Clem kill those Russians. Not just shoot them but..... you didn't even blink.

              • dies from laughter
                I would be perfectly ok if this happened :3

                IN all seriousness I think it would be cool if we had an option to do something very messed up or not as clem
                Or maybe even have her do/not do it based on the choices you made before (the saltlick, watchign carver, da dairy farm etc)

          • Earlier:

            Russians laughing

            Clem: what's so funny?

            Arvo: I tell them that you are one who rob me, and they think it's funny because you are just little girl (lol!)

            Clem: I'm gonna make you eat those words glare

            • Here's what they said

              The Woman(Maud): Are you out of your mind! What do you think you're doing? You're going to get us all killed! Hey! You! Don't you point that thing at me! Put it down! I said put it down!

              Shotgun Guy(Vitali): Buricko! Buricko! We can take them! I can kill any of them with my bare hands, we don't even need the weapons! That's right, I mean you eyepatch man, you're weak and I could tear your throat out with my teeth, who needs bullets for the likes of you? I'll kill you all and eat your entrails for breakfast!

              AK Guy(Buricko): So this is how it's going to be isn't it? That's fine! This is a good as a day to die as any other! You don't scare me you pathetic scavengers! Bring it on! Bring it on!

              Let's see how tough they are once Clem and Kenny are done with them. ;)

              • Why that may indeed be what they say (I don't speack Russian)

                My point was that if you pick the option to ask avo "what's so funny" that is what he will say to Clem

                If what what you say is true then AVO IS A LIER!! And here I was just starting to believe him on that sick sister thing too...

                • He says that you robbed him regardless of whatever dialogue option and I went to another thread and copied the translation, I don't speak Russian. Vitali and Buricko are a-holes.

  • They blame Clementine even though she does everything and is always risking her life, she's made promises that she couldn't keep but Clementine is not to blame for the broken promises, not to mention she's just a pre-teen, she knows how to survive on her own, and if the time comes and my Clementine is bullied by the group and we have an option to leave said group, then I will choose that option.

  • It will be interesting to see if depending if it was Clem or Kenny that shot Rebecca, who gets blamed for triggering the shootout because there's no way they're all escaping that unharmed. People will be ticked off. I definitely like the idea of Clem snapping, maybe you could get dialogue options to decide how aggressive you can be to them.

    • If Clementine shoots, Kenny will proabably get mad. But if Kenny shots and he blames Clementine for not shooting, then I want an option where she can say something like this:

      ''Do you think I wanted to shoot her after what you said too me, huh, do you Kenny?

  • Yeah, yeah. Always wanted that.

  • They should have this. Kenny and Luke were such morons in episode four, which I actually kind of liked, that I kind of hope I get the chance to yell at them. If they are still alive that is.

  • I would love [SLAP] options in Episode 5.

  • Nope I like [Kick] and [Punch] options more than [slap]

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