Christa needs to return just so..

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We can give her the baby!

Think about it, she lost her baby and this baby lost it's mum, it would be so emotionally satisfying to give it to her!

Imagine the scene, christa holding it and crying with happiness...

And what better person to care of it?




  • My prediction is Clem will find Christa in Wellington, something will happen and only Clem, Christa and the baby will walk away. :)

  • That would basically be my ideal ending ;-;

  • The only way we'll see Christa again is if she is a walker. I'm sorry.

  • If Kenny can survive the alley, then christa can survive those bandits.

  • Christa will show up in episode 5 and have the "WTF your alive Kenny?!, Lee said you didn't make it?!" (or if you said he might of gotten away in season one) "WTF your alive, Lee always had a hunch you made it out" We need another capable survivor like her.. God knows Clem's group are gonna need it.

  • I'm not sure ken will be alive by the time we meet her

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    Yeah, but I beat you to it :D

    Now you mention it though, we never did find out what happened to that bandit that was beaten up. We also didn't see who shot and if it was at Christa...

    Plot twist!! The Russians saved Christa and she's looking after their camp! Dum dum duuummm! :)

  • That would be shit but very fitting.. Clementine starts alone with Christa.. and ends alone with Christa. But Bonnie, Mike, Luke, Kenny... Thats a lot of major character deaths for one episode.. At least One has to be alive when we meet Christa... It would be nice to have some of the old group back together again. I'm hoping that Luke and Kenny make it.. Although thats VERY unlikely.

  • As much I want her to come back im starting to doubt that due to the fact that telltale haven't really mentioned Christa not even a mention from clem about what happened to Christa's baby.
    But I really hope she does for the feels :)

  • Or it could be Kenny Clem and Christa at the end of season 2. One big happy family.

  • I don't think it will end with only Clem and Christa (and the baby), that would make the entire season pointless if it will end as the beginning.

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    Haha replace Kenny with the baby and I'd agree, but I think ken has had quite enough time in the limelight

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    Give her the baby? I'm not sure I first want to see how she is and her behavior and stay very close to the baby

  • I think Christa will appear alive in Episode 5, but then she'll die shortly after, or maybe she'll be already dead.

    It's a similiar S1 situation, Clem was looking for her parents but then she saw they were dead, same with Christa.

  • You can never be sure with TTG

  • I would say it would be quite cruel to give the baby to Christa, she lost her own child not too long ago, maybe is still grieving and now has to take care of another mother's baby.

  • What about Lily? what ever happened to her, can you imagine if she appears in season 2 episode 5?

  • I don't think so. Clem has learnt how to survive instead of relying on lee like the first season.

  • I know, it would be really cool to see what Kenny and Clementines reactions would be

  • I would love for her to return.

  • Alternatively, many mothers who lose their children experience severe post natal depression, and being able to look after the baby of another, to give a baby a chance where her own had none, could really save her.

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    I'm still convinced we'll see her in episode 5, maybe even at the very end. I'm just worried about how we'll see her...

  • "Christa, how'd you survive the bandits?"
    "I was lucky. Real lucky."

    Yeah, alrighty Kenny fan.

  • Imagine Christa and Eddie being a couple. Just started to think about this, lol this is super off topic but still

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    There's a theory that ravens always appear or caw before major character's death. It's been consistent so far with every death.

    Except for Christa. There are no ravens around at all when when she supposedly "dies". Hers is the only "death" in season two which lacks any sort of reference to ravens.

    There are a bunch of ravens that can be seen flying away before Omid and Michelle's death

    A raven scares Clem just before she meets Sam in the woods

    You can hear ravens cawing in the background when you're walking towards the river at the end of EP1, and before Pete's bit.

    Same with the bridge when Matthew dies

    You see a crow up close at the ski lodge when you climb up those stairs

    Before Reggie's death when they're picking blueberries, ravens can be heard quite loudly in the background during the whole scene

    When Clem wakes up in the day of the escape, the first sound she hears is of a loud raven in the background. It keeps singing in the background over the course of the entire day.

    When you're walking with Jane before Nick and/or Sarah's deaths you can hear ravens in the background again

    When Kenny's in the tent putting Sarita down you see a flock of ravens flying away

    Which is why I believe Christa could have lived. Telltale likes their symbolism.

  • I've always felt Christa would return because we never saw her die. Didn't see Kenny die and he's back. Same will happen with Christa.

  • Hmm, I always thought irrational demands weren't your thing, Flog.

    Guess I was mistaken. Not that I disagree with the whole notion of Christa returning and all that, but your post sounds like a generic irrational demand to Telltale.

  • I need to double-check that, but if you're right then I can still hope!

  • I dont think so . Showing us Christa and killing her off in the same episode . TTG would just piss us all off with that idea .

  • If thats correct i'll be proud of you to tell us :D

  • I replayed season two this weekend, paying extra attention to crows and ravens

    Christa's scene is indeed the only one that lacks them. Not even sounds in the background.

  • And over that, Christa COULD take those bandit's guns and shoot them. That one shot after Clem starts running could be from Christa. Or she might have had a gun of her own.

  • Firstly, it's not a demand, it's a wish, a hope.

    Secondly, it's not completely irrational: babyless christa and the motherless baby fit together like jigsaw pieces. It could easily happen.

    And thirdly, I do get irrational when disussing christa just because I like her a hell of a lot.

  • I'm holding onto Christa a lot more now that Sarah's been written off.

  • Firstly, "DAMMIT TELLTALE GIVE US CHRISTA BACK PLEAAASSE". Of course it's not a demand.

    Secondly, yeah, it could easily happen, but given how Telltale dealt with Christa this season, it is so far unlikely.

    Very well, it's your right to like her.

  • I guess this shows that the fandom really, REALLY needs to not have any sort of influence on the games because this idea throws away common sense, psychology and previously established lore.

  • Chenny ship. Kenny can be the mean dad, christa can be the nice mom, baby carver can be Duck.2 And Clem can be Clem :)

  • Are you talking about Kenny here? Because his death being retconned is a perfect example of it, and I'm willing to bet he came back largely because fans loved him so much.

    Christa as a character deserves to be featured more prominently in order to gather fan attention. If you keep introducing new characters only to never let them shine, then my faith in the writing's declined significantly.

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