Mac: Huge library folder remains after deleting TWAU

Upon finishing TWAU, I deleted the application from my Applications folder. However, there is a Library folder (/Users/[User]/Library/Application\ Support/Telltale\ Games/The\ Wolf\ Among\ Us/SyncFs/) that keeps taking up 4.5GB of space. There is no SyncFS folder for The Walking Dead, only the SaveGames have been kept there (around 250 MB, which is fine with me).

Is there a way to free this considerable amount of space without ruining my TWAU 'decisions' for a possible Season 2?



  • wouldn't that be the data of the episodes?

    Savedata that is 4.5GB seems impossible o_O

  • TelltaleMikeTelltaleMike ModeratorTelltale Staff

    @MichaelListening Yes, you can delete the individual episodes from your Telltale Games folder to free up the space. Inside the SyncFs folder, you will find the Data folder. Inside that folder you will find folders named Fables102-105. These are the episodes, and can be deleted without harming your save data. Please delete these folders, and that extra data space should then be freed up.

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