Really Excited

I was just thinking about this today and I just realized how excited I am for this game. I don't know much about Borderlands so I played BL2 and found how cool Pandora and the entire Borderlands world is in general.

How excited are you guys and what are you looking forward to the most in this game?


  • I just want to preorder the game NOW! Hurry up telltale! TWAU teaser came out in August so I'm crossing my fingers for a teaser next month.

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    I really really REALLY want a new trailer... or details... or a release date... or anything!

    It's gonna be goooood!

    As to what I'm most looking forwards to... just a really quirky and interesting story that could flesh out the universe some more.

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    I keep checking for preorders to arrive on Steam.

  • When did Wolf start getting preorders?

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    Good thing the internet knew. TWAU was avaliable to preorder on Steam on October 3rd and the first episode came out on October 11th. Looks like preorders won't be coming out for a while :(

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    It better not come out before TWD

  • TWD is not TT's only game... even though I admit they have been slow releasing the episodes, TT promised first Tales episode by end of summer. So there is a good chance it will come before Ep.5

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    Okay did I say it's the only tt game? Boy BYE. It better come out before borderlands.

  • Why? TWD Ep 4 only just came out.

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    I love TWD so don't get me wrong, but some people act like all TT is supposed to be making is more TWD. If they want to release the first episode of a highly anticipated game before TWD ep.5 it shouldn't be that big of a deal.

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    and? twau is over so both teams can now work together and release it faster.

  • You stated that it could come out faster, but you haven't explained why it 'should' come out faster. Why should episode 5 come out before borderlands when the later was stated to be releasing in the summer? It would be better if they took their time with ep 5 to be honest... Season 2 has been pretty poor in terms of plot compared to the first season.

  • Guys...I'm gonna try to cool things down. Telltale themselves said we should expect news about Borderlands after The Walking Dead is done.

    OT: Yes, I'm actually quite excited for this game. After recently playing one of Telltale's older games(Sam & Max), I'm really excited to see Telltale going back to their roots, and Borderlands seems the perfect game to achieve just that. Add to that the Game of Thrones game and it's clear the next few months are gonna be very interesting.

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    Because we already payed for it and most of us deserve to get it faster. The way they've been releasing these episodes are ridiculous. Borderland fans can wait since they haven't spent anything and have not been waiting a total of 7 and something months.

  • It's true that season 2 has take a very long time. Maybe two teams would be better, or would lead to a better conclusion.

    Not sure I'll bother with ep5 though... My interest has all but evaporated, unfortunately, I just can't work out where they are going with the story at all. I'm ready for something new like TWAU was, so this game has me so excited, but it would be best if the TWD fans got the ending they deserved to make up for a slow season, I suppose.

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    Thank you! And to the rest of your comment, I am also excited to see Telltale make more comedy. The next year of Telltale will be very interesting and exciting. I am hoping it also consists of a twau DLC and an announcement of a season 2 :)

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    I am hoping it also consists of a twau DLC and an announcement of a season 2 :)

    Right on. For me, that would be the icing on the cake:). Oh, well...gotta play the waiting game, again...

  • Never played the game before but i am superr excited about this like ppl in TT commutiny don't see the potential but it has a lot

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