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    This is very interesting if these are confirmed true. I would have loved to have seen that stepsister plot or the red head guy being our deputy. It's kind of interesting.

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      Blind Sniper Moderator

      In another (rumored) rendition of the story, The Boy Who Cried Wolf was allegedly supposed to frame Bigby for the murder of "Snow," and the mundane police were also supposedly going to be more involved as well. I'm kind of curious how that rendition of the plot would've turned out, although I think Episodes 4 and 5 were pretty strong in fleshing out the Crooked Man plot.

      • I thought that that rendition of the story was confirmed as the former plot? There was a discussion a couple of months ago saying that Telltale confirmed it or something. Oh well, I was happy with the Crooked Man plot as well, but I still hope they can bring the original plot back in the future because it would have been cool.

  • It's all very interesting but I'm pretty damn satisfied with the final product. It would have been cool though If cryer was actually given a role in the story though.

  • I think the Cinderella's stepsister plot would have been really nice to see. It would be really nice if they can bring that idea back up for a DLC and also include the cryer in it.

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    Nice find. Telltale paid some pretty strong attention to detail with the number of chase scenes and the timing of the prequel.

  • The limited chases number plus the impossibility to further develope the Bigby/Snow relationship make me believe that a Season 2 is almost impossible to see. :-(

    Maybe a DLC... ^_^

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      Blind Sniper Moderator

      I'd love to see a Cinderella DLC.

    • that's exactly what i was thinking when i found out about how many times bigby chased someone in the comics.

      comic book bigby basically kills any chance of a sequel by saying that the amount of times he's had to chase down suspects "can be counted on one hand."

      unless telltale is going to ignore the canon in season 2 i don't see how they can keep the story going without completely contradicting everything comic bigby said

      • I dont see how this kills any chance of a sequel. He doesnt have to chase people down or even be the protagonist at all.

      • He doesn't have to chase anyone. In the current season he chased suspects 3 times. Bigby rarely chased anyone. There are still 2 more times he can chase someone. Chases are thrilling, but so is slamming suspects against the wall when they try to escape, like Jack in Crane's apartment. Bigby does give an indication that he slams them a lot. He uses his instincts far more than chasing also, Johann the butcher.

  • Interesting. That step sister scene makes me curious if there was originally a different murderer. Doesn't really make much sense for Georgie to sneak into the step sister's house, pull her ribbon off to kill her, and then leave without making any attempt to dispose of the body.

    Also, it's nice seeing some confirmation of Cryer's identity and that he was originally going to have a bigger role in the story. Bigby's interactions with him would also have been really interesting given their, uh, turbulent past. "Yeah, sorry about getting your entire village to hate you and then eating them. Now help me comb through this evidence."

    • Even more than that, her head is still on the body so the ribbon was not used at all.
      I earlier thought that Faith being the true killer was a hidden truth that devs hinted by loads of weird evidence (well, I still think it is), but after seeing these scenes I can also accept that they just didn't remove all the questionable evidence(because of which I suspected Faith) after changing the plot.

  • Can you imagine Bigby with a sidekick

    • I wonder if having Cryer as a good cop there whole time would have made the bad cop decisions harder or easier. On the one hand, it'd just feel like such a natural dynamic. On the other hand...(?) Cryer will remember that.

    • TJ: You can be the greatest detective and I can be Dick Grayson. Your ward!


      TJ: That's Robin.

      Bigby: I know who it is.

      TJ: Can I help, please?

      Bigby: Okay, you're Robin.

      TJ: Yes! Strikes pose What should I look for?

      Bigby: I don't know, go find something WERID.

      TJ: I'm on the case! Runs off

      (?) TJ will help

  • I wonder what the timeline is now after the events of the season of TWAU. Winter 1986 in "Fables are Forever" or issue #22 of the main comics? Though I can probably guess it depends on your decision of bringing Crooked Man alive or dead.

  • Yo, Tommy, thank you so much for sharing this with us. Seriously, excellent find.

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